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Clas Ohlson's useful guide to Christmas

Clas Ohlson

Here at Clas Ohlson we like to help you solve all of those small practical Christmas problems, so here are a few quick and useful tips you might want to try this year.



Rock around the Christmas tree

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Add some Christmas sparkleSparkle

  • Decorative LED twig lights
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The gift for the ultimate DIYer

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Get creative in the kitchen

  • Mini chopper with glass bowl and storage lid
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Outdoor fun for the whole family

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Check out Clas Ohlson this Christmas…and make your life a little easier.


Help…what size turkey should I buy?

Cooking for a crowd can be complicated, so this handy guide should make cooking Christmas dinner a breeze. A good guideline is roughly 500g of meat on the bone for each person, which will give you enough for a meal, and some left overs for later. 

  • 6-8 people – 4kg turkey
  • 10 people – 5kg turkey
  • 12 people – 6kg turkey

Don’t miss our kitchen scale 34-9886, capable of weighing up to 10 kilos




How can I create unique Christmas wrapping paper?

There's something undeniably heart-warming and festive about a pile of beautuifully wrapped Christmas presents under the tree, so if you feel like making your gifts look extra-special this year, we've gathered together some top tips. 

  • Brown paper is an inexpensive alternative to wrapping paper. It's also a good base for dressing up with ribbons, bows and tags.

  • Use eco-friendly packaging to create unique stuffing to pad out difficult-to-wrap and fragile items…things like popcorn and peanuts are a great alternative to Styrofoam.

  • If you're feeling inspired, do as the Swedish do, and write a short rhyme on the gift tag giving a clue as to what the gift inside might be.


How many lights do I need for my Christmas tree?

Creating the perfectly-lit Christmas tree can be a bit of a tricky one, as most people either put too many lights on their tree, not enough, or don't spread them around the tree evenly.

Take a look at our useful guide for how many lights are needed for your size tree.

  • 4ft tree - 120 lights
  • 5ft tree - 150 lights
  • 6ft tree - 180 lights
  • 7ft tree - 210 lights
  • 8ft tree - 240 lights



Get into the Christmas spirit with festive Swedish traditions

Give some of the following traditions a whirl to get your family well and truly into the swing of the holiday season (and yes - it includes eating biscuits.)

Eat lots of gingerbread biscuits 

To celebrate Christmas in true Swedish style, have a gingerbread night where you feast on lots of gingerbread biscuits. If you're feeling extra-inspired, look up a recipe online for papparkakor - the Swedish style of gingerbread. You can form it into lots of different shapes, and your children can help too. 

Keep warm and cosy with a glass of Glögg
Glögg is a classic Christmas drink in Sweden made from a mix of red wine and spices. It’s similar to our mulled wine and should be drunk nice and warm – delicious!

Christmas countdown
To make the countdown to Christmas a little more exciting, in Sweden it's traditional to celebrate all four Advent Sundays. On each Sunday in December, a candle on a special four-branch candlestick is lit. By the time the fourth candle is lit, everyone knows that Santa's visit isn't far away.


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