How to turn your childrens' playground back into your beautiful home

Kids CifWhen the children have been letting their imaginations run wild around the house, it can leave a lot of cleaning up for you. Here are our top tips to quickly, easily bring back the sparkling home you had before.

Food-flecked highchair

Babies aren’t well-known for their table manners, so it’s no surprise that their highchair ends up covered in food that missed the mouth. For dried food stains dampen a sponge and add some Cif Cream, then wipe over the plastic tray to get it back to gleaming.

Glittery tables

Children love getting artistic with glitter, plasticine and pens. The kitchen table is the natural place to let them get creative, but inevitably some of their masterpieces end up on the table rather than the paper. When you’ve finished hanging their creations up on the fridge, tackle the table with some Cif Cream and a sponge.

Redecorated walls

In a child’s eyes, the whole world is a canvas. Especially the irresistibly blank walls in your home. If you find they’ve treated you to an unexpected home makeover, don’t worry – Cif Cream can remove children’s paint from walls without disturbing the finish. Just pour some directly onto the paint, then rub it gently with a cloth until it all comes off.

Swampy boots

When it’s time for dinner and the children come tramping back indoors from puddle-jumping outside, they bring their muddy boots with them. Luckily, it’s easy to get wellies and trainers back to their beautiful best: just pour some Cif Cream on a cotton cloth and rub.

Waxing artistic

Your bright white radiators look a lot like a canvas to young children. If you find they’ve been practising their skills with wax crayons, it’s easy to fix. First, use a hair dryer to melt the wax residue, then soak up the liquid with a paper towel. When that’s gone, add a few drops of Cif Cream and wipe away the rest.

Scuffed-up walls

You may not notice how or when, but with children around, it’s not long before pristine walls acquire scuff marks. They’re not permanent, though – the micro-particles in Cif Cream make light work of removing them. Just pour some on an old cloth and rub it into the marks to restore your perfect paint.

Grubby toys

Playing outside is a really important part of childhood, and a great time for them to use their imaginations. Inevitably, toys and games used in the garden get mucky, and then get brought back indoors. To make them look new again, add a few drops of Cif Cream to a damp sponge and wipe. They’ll be ready for the next adventure before you know it.

Sticky stairs

CifChildren grabbing bannisters and rails with grubby hands can leave your stairs covered in sticky handprints. To remove them, get to work with a damp sponge and a squirt of Cif Cream. The micro-particles in Cif will bring them back to a beautiful finish.

Make your home shine

Coming back to a beautifully clean family house is a wonderful feeling. No matter how much your children like to play or how messy they get, keep your bottle of Cif Cream on hand and you’ll never be far from the sparkling home you deserve.

Disclaimer: Always read use instructions on the pack and test on a small inconspicuous area of the surface first to check compatibility before using any cleaning product. Also, please read manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care of a particular surface for further guidance.

Last updated: about 3 years ago