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23 things you can clean with Cif Cream

Your bottle of Cif Cream is incredibly versatile. With its tough formulation and millions of micro-particles, it can bring the sparkle back to a huge range of objects and surfaces around the house. Here are our top 24 things to clean with Cif – including a few you might not expect.

Hobs and Hotplates1. Hobs and hotplates

Easily remove splashes and grease stains, and even burnt-on food, from gas and electric cookers. 

2. Limescale

From the coffee machine to the tap joints, limescale pops up all over the house. Banish it with a few drops of Cif Cream on a sponge, followed by several good rinses.

3. Door handles

Metal and synthetic door handles come up like new with a little Cif Cream on a damp cloth. Fingerprints and sticky bits? Not anymore.

4. Car seat

Babies are very skilled at getting their car seat covers dirty. If yours is synthetic, give it a wipe with some Cif Cream on a damp sponge.

5. Garden furniture

If your patio set is PVC, you can clean it easily with some Cif Cream on a sponge. Then let the rain rinse it for you – or use the garden hose.

6. Sports equipment

Cif Cream can clean anything from tennis racquets to golf balls. Just rub and rinse.

7. Light switches

We touch them all the time, but rarely think about how grubby they must be getting. A wipe over with Cif Cream will get your light switches back to bright switches.

Kitchen appliances8. Kitchen appliances

They get your plates and clothes clean, but how often do you clean them? Give the outside of your dishwasher and washing machine a wipe down with some Cif Cream on a damp cloth.

9. Skateboards and roller skates

Anything that’s in contact with the ground will inevitably get dirty. Freshen up your skates and boards with some Cif Cream on a sponge, then rinse well and leave to dry naturally.

10. Windscreens

A clear windscreen is vital for driving safely, so keep yours spotless with a monthly application of Cif Cream on a damp sponge. Rinse well and leave to dry before driving.

11. Letterboxes

Even the letterbox in your front door can pick up a surprising amount of grime. Restore it to beauty with some Cif Cream on a cloth.

12. Bath toys

Toys that get dunked in water and bubbles can pick up a layer of soap scum before long – not ideal when the little ones also like to chew on them! Get them clean again with some Cif Cream on a damp cloth, then rinse really well.

13. Table mats

Water marks, spills and dried-on food are easily wiped away with some Cif Cream and a sponge. 

14. Radiators

Keep your heaters neat by cleaning with Cif Cream every so often. It’ll get off scuff marks, mystery stains and light rust.

15. Knives and cutlery

Clean cutlery is important for a healthy family, so deep-clean yours every now and then with some Cif Cream on a clean cloth. Rinse several times and dry with a soft cloth.

Sink Cif16. Sinks and washbasins

Limescale, soap scum and toothpaste can build up on your sink – especially in family bathrooms. Get them gleaming by filling with hot water, adding some Cif Cream, then wiping and rinsing an hour later.

17. Teapots

Over time, the tannins in tea can turn the inside of your teapot brown. Cif Cream on a damp sponge is all you need to get it looking new again.

18. Shower curtain

Fill a bowl with hot water and add a squirt of Cif Cream. Soak your shower curtain in it for an hour and any soap and scum will disappear.

19. Fish tank

Temporarily relocate the fish, then fill the tank with clean water. Add a squirt of Cif Cream, leave for five minutes, then empty and wipe the sides. Rinse well a few times and your tank will be crystal clear.

20. Vases

Over time, a cloudy layer of scale builds up on flower vases. To get rid of it, fill with water, add some Cif Cream and leave for an hour or two.

21. BBQ

When the weather’s good, you don’t want to spend ages cleaning the barbecue before you can use it. So just soak a small brush in Cif Cream, scrub off the grease stains and food bits, then rinse. Once the barbecue’s dry, you can put it away ready for next time. 

22. Trainers and rubber boots

Been out in the mud? Some Cif Cream on a cotton cloth will have your trainers and wellies looking new again in no time.

23. Pet bowls

Dried-on pet food can be tricky to remove – except with Cif Cream. Don’t forget to rinse well afterwards. 

Disclaimer: Always read use instructions on the pack and test on a small inconspicuous area of the surface first to check compatibility before using any cleaning product. Also, please read manufacturer’s instructions on how to take care of a particular surface for further guidance.


Last updated: over 3 years ago