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Chad Valley toys: bloggers' reviews

 As well as asking Mumsnetters to test Chad Valley toys, Argos invited some parent bloggers to get their children to put the toys through their paces. Here's what they say:




Elsie Button: Four-in-one pram

This brand new playset, created by Chad valley, converts from a doll's pram to a carry cradle, to a high chair and to a cradle swing. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this product - to come up with a design that can be four different items in one... So what does my darling daughter think of the pram? Well, she has really enjoyed playing with it, so much so that she insisted on taking it away with us last weekend. The pram has a lovely pink gingham lining, and an adjustable handle, which can be adjusted according to the child's height.



3 Bedroom Bungalow: "Design A Friend" doll

It isn't very often that I find a toy that isn't electronic that my children fight over...The "Design A Friend" doll is pretty fantastic. It comes in a nice fancy pink box, that makes the doll feel extremely special and in the box along with the doll is a small silver charm bracelet...The girls also love the accessories that were available for the "Design A Friend" doll. They absolutely adored the gray headband, scarf and mitten set. However the most adorable moment that I saw was when LaLa grabbed the glasses put them on the doll and then said "She has glasses just like me!" I think that is the most fabulous aspect of this doll. Each child really can customize their doll to their own fashion sense.

Madhouse Family Reviews: "Design A Friend" doll

As we started merrily unpacking the doll, first impressions were very good. She's beautiful and, very importantly, looks normal... The attention to detail is incredible and you can put together some really elegant and beautiful outfits...To conclude, did the girls like her? There's no doubt about it, the squabbling over who would get to keep her in their bedroom shows that they certainly did! star rating : 5/5

Trampoline  Rosie Scribble: Chad Valley Trampoline

Never has anything caused as much excitement in our house as the arrival of a brand new trampoline. It has proved to be a massive hit and [IJ] has played on it for hours. In the mind of a seven year old it is the best review product in the world ever. We love it, and IJ is very keen to say thank you to Chad Valley.

Insomniac Mummy: Chad Valley Mega Blocks

When we were asked to review the Chad Valley Blocks Mega Pack, I knew before it even arrived that we'd be on to a winner. Suitable for children aged 12 months upwards, the blocks themselves are good quality. Made from plastic, they are sturdy yet lightweight and the corners are rounded off so there are no sharp edges to worry about when the tall tower (they will inevitably build!) comes tumbling down. They can be used either indoors or outdoors, for some summer fun.

Frugal Family: Chad Valley Mega Blocks

Initially, I did think that they were quite pricey at £59.99, but having watched the kids play with them for hours and hours, over and over again since we got them, I now actually think they're really good value for money. There aren't many toys that I can think of that can be played with inside and out and encourage such creativity - not only that, but I've never seen my two play so happily together for so long without arguing.


Baby Baby / Sandy Calico Reviews: Chad Valley Playhouse

The excitement in our house when this Chad Valley Playhouse arrived was enormous! My boys were happily occupied for ages. There are endless possibilities for imaginative, independent play with a toy like this. We put their little chairs inside and they sat on them, chatting away in their new home… This playhouse is the best toy for summer. Even if it rains we can all huddle inside and pretend we're really on holiday or on the moon. This gets a huge thumbs-up from all of us at Calico Towers.

 Water table It's a Mummy's Life: Chad Valley Water Play Table

What is it about toddlers and water? Seriously. They are attracted to water like I am to a nice cold Pimms on a sunny day. Both of mine are OBSESSED. Which is why I was rather happy to test out the Chad Valley Water Play Table. Oh yes, thank you nice people from Chad Valley, this is what I have been looking for to satisfy their love of water. So it's a neat table with two troughs for water or sand and it comes complete with a bunch of other toys like a boat, a bucket, a castle, some building bricks and spades and things like that. My girls love it.

Baby Baby / Sandy Calico Review: Chad Valley Fire Engine Play Tent

My two boys, both pre-schoolers, watched me set up this Fire Engine Play Tent from Chad Valley. Their eyes were wide as they saw this sizable tent emerge from its small box. They couldn't wait to get their hands on it, 'helping' me with the poles. Luckily, it was quick and easy to assemble. This toy is great for the British summer. It can go outside, but works just as well indoors.







Last updated: over 3 years ago