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Help your mum get online this Mother's Day!

BTGet someone you know online with help from BT’s Get IT Together campaign. It's got all the tools you need to get started.

The internet is a fantastic source of information, support and fun and helps people feel engaged with the world they live in. If your mum, or somebody else you know, isn't online, the BT Get IT Together campaign is asking you to help them take those first few steps this Mother's Day. As you know, the internet is brilliant for keeping in touch with family, sharing photos and, of course, shopping. What better gift could there be?

Gabby Logan

In the UK, 8.2 million people have never used the internet, and sparing an hour or two to show someone the basics can make a big difference to helping them get started. The BT Get IT Together website is full of useful advice, guides and videos to help you do just that.

Gabby Logan helped her mum to get online and is backing the campaign. She explains: "I sat down with my mum a few years ago to show her how to connect to the internet, do searches and send emails. There's no stopping her now! She uses the internet for work, to shop and also finds it a quick and easy way of keeping in touch with people."

"One of the main barriers stopping people getting started, is lack of confidence. Maybe they feel daunted or as though they are going to do something wrong. If you mum isn't online, why not spend some time with her this Mother's Day, and help her take those first steps? You can really help by easing her fears and once she gets started, I'm sure she won't look back – just like my mum!"

Your top tips for showing someone the internet

We asked Mumsnet users for your top tips for showing someone the internet. Here are a few of the very best, or read more and add your own on the thread

    Citizens Online run interactive courses on getting online - they are a great way to learn more and meet new people. Find your local UK Online Centre. 
  • Encouraging your loved one to take notes as you teach them how to use the internet is a great idea. It will help to reinforce what you've taught them.
  • Post-it notes stuck on the computer screen jog the memory! (Just remember not to leave any passwords or sensitive information lying around.)
  • Remind your loved one why the internet is so useful, to act as motivation to continue learning. Using Skype to speak to grandchildren is a great motivator.
  • Encourage friends and family members to investigate local library courses once you’ve started them off.
  • Make sure you protect your pupils! It is imperative to teach people to use the internet safely and securely and help them to understand how to protect themselves from internet viruses or online scams.

For more great tips and a step by step guide to helping someone online get online visit Get IT together. 

Both BT and Mumsnet are supporting the Race Online 2012 initiative to get more people online. By helping someone online you can pledge to be a Digital Champion and receive an exclusive e-newsletter with inspiring stories from other Digital Champions.


Last updated: over 3 years ago