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Have you got first aid rapped up? Win £300 worth of vouchers with the British Red Cross

Make some noise for the British Red Cross' new first aid campaign for parents and children - featuring rapping toddlers (yes, you heard that right).

Mention the words 'first aid awareness' to most people, and it's a fair bet the first thing they think of won't be a gaggle of rapping babies and children... But of course, the golden rule for any awareness campaign is to get people's attention. And that's exactly what the new Rapped Up campaign does.

Notorious B.A.B.Y

Parodying the hip-hop music video, the epic 45-second Poison production takes the main elements of the genre – bling, fast cars and tough posturing – and turns them on their head.

So it shows a souped-up vehicle, but it's a pram, and low-slung jeans, but there's a nappy sticking out the top. 

Kiddies with attitude

Instead of spitting out rhymes about girls and money, the young stars rap about the dangers of 'liquitabz' – and how first aid can help if they're accidentally swallowed.

The rapping toddlers show everyone just how simple first aid is (of course, toddlers can't actually 'rap' - their moving mouths come courtesy of CGI trickery). They encourage parents to get their first aid 'rapped up' by downloading Red Cross' free baby and child first aid app.

Is it highly unusual? Yes. A bit bonkers? Probably. But very effective.

Watch the 'rapping' video

How can you help?

1. Share the rapping video with friends and family (hashtag #RappedUp)

2. Download the Red Cross' free baby and child first aid app 

The more people see the videos, the more likely they are to download the baby app – and that could save young lives.

P.S. Trailer alert!

Over the next few months, the Red Cross will release two more bling-tastic first aid videos - focussing on burns and febrile seizures. Watch out for them!



WIN! One lucky MNer will win £300 worth of vouchers from voucher express. 

Simply watch the video above and answer the simple question below to be in with a chance. 


Competition closing date: 3 September 2015


Last updated: over 3 years ago