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Eggs are packed with nutrients and can make an important contribution to a baby's diet, helping them achieve the optimal intake of vitamins and minerals. 

NHS Choices recommends starting to wean babies on to a solid diet from about six-months. Eggs can be introduced early on in weaning as they are a good source of high quality protein.

A small number of babies can be allergic to eggs, although many will outgrow this. There is growing evidence that suggests delayed introduction may actually be counter-productive, as it's more likely to be associated with a subsequent development of egg allergies.

Emerging research suggests that eating eggs while pregnant, and feeding them to weaning babies, may actually reduce the chances of an allergy.  This early introduction of eggs - when the immune system accepts the egg proteins without reaction - provides the best chance of promoting tolerance.

The best way to introduce eggs to babies is to start with a small amount of cooked egg and, if there is no reaction, slowly try larger amounts. 


In the past there has been doubt surrounding egg consumption by pregnant women and babies. It was recommended that these groups avoid eating eggs that were not fully cooked because of the small risk of salmonella. Since the British Lion scheme was introduced in 1998, however, these risks have been effectively eliminated from Lion-marked eggs.

The Food Standards Agency is currently reviewing the evidence relating to the safety of eggs in the UK, with results expected in 2016. The British Egg Industry Council says that the safety record of British Lion Eggs means that vulnerable groups should now be allowed to consume them when runny.

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