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A revolution in home energy with smart meters

British Gas

Ever wondered how much energy is used during the weekly tumble drier cycles? Or how much it's costing you when the kids leave the games consoles on standby? Thanks to smart meters and personalised smart energy reports from British Gas, you can now find out!


Changing the way we think about energy 

Smart meters are changing the way we think about energy. They replace your current gas and electricity meters and signal an end to estimated bills because your exact meter readings are wirelessly transmitted to your energy provider.

What's great about this new technology is the control smart meters give you over your energy use and the ability to identify energy waste. The handy smart energy monitor means you can see how much your energy is costing, as you use it.


Mumsnetters test smart meters

But don't just take our word for it. We recently launched a search on Mumsnet for families who wanted to gain more control over their energy use and share their experiences. Over the next three months we'll find out if smart meters help them become more aware of their energy consumption.

If you applied and weren't selected, don't worry because there will be many opportunities to get involved with various threads on Mumsnet around energy saving and smart meters. 

Upgrading the nation's homes

Every home will be upgraded to smart meters by 2020 as part of a government initiative, but British Gas is leading the way in the smart meter roll out because they want their customers to reap the benefits as soon as possible. There are no upfront costs or extra charges; you'll pay for your smart meters the way you pay for your current analogue meters – through your energy bill.

British Gas is also the only energy company to offer personalised insight into your energy use. They transform your readings into a free report, which gives you a unique look into your gas and electricity, a breakdown of your usage and personalised tips on how to make savings. 


Check our videos to find out more


Who can get a smart meter upgrade?

You can find our more information and apply for your British Gas smart meter upgrade here; but if you've already got smart meters, why not join in the discussion with our smart meter mums and let us know how smart meters have helped you to become more aware of your energy use. 




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