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British Gas - Homes are about to get smarter

British gasEver wished you could understand your energy usage better, and reduce your energy bills at the same time? British Gas has been working hard to develop new, smart technology products that'll help you do just that.

Plus, two Mumsnetters have the chance to win an iPad - read on to find out how to enter. 



Smart technologies from British Gas

British Gas has launched a number of smart technologies that you could be using in your home today, helping to make a difference to the way you use energy and look after your home.

You could join them by entering the competition to win a smart home makeover worth £40,000 including all the technology below, and an all-electric Nissan LEAF car.


What's on offer

Smart meters

British gas

Smart meters replace your current meter and allow you to see, understand and control how much energy you’re using as you use it. The in-home Smart Energy Monitor means you’ll be able to visualise and monitor your gas and electricity usage in pounds and pence.

If the traffic light system on your display goes into the red, you know energy use is high and can take cost-saving measures like turning off appliances and setting an energy target budget for your household. Smart meters also mean an end to estimated bills as your exact meter readings will be wirelessly transmitted to us.


British gas

Remote heating control

Control your central heating from your laptop, mobile, smartphone or iPad. With remote heating control you can adjust your heating, set a schedule for your home’s temperature and turn your boiler on or off from wherever you are in the world.


Safe and Secure

This revolutionary home security kit allows you to control and monitor your home security via computer or iPhone. Turn on lights remotely to make it look like someone is home or switch the system off if you need to let a friend in. You’ll receive an instant alert via text message and/or email should there be any disruption whilst your home is vacant and you can also set up friends and family to receive alerts.


Electric Vehicle Charging Points

We have championed electric vehicles for a long time now and have created a safe, fast and cost effective charging solution. This simple-to-use piece of technology makes home charging even more convenient and you can lower the cost of charging by choosing to charge your vehicle at the time of day when electricity is cheapest.

Solar PV Panels

Solar PV panels are a reliable and proven source of renewable energy that work by converting daylight into electricity. They can help you cut your energy bills and earn money from the electricity you generate with annual savings and earnings of up to £693 a year!


Ecogen Boilers

Ecogen boilers produce efficient heating and hot water and, as with solar panels, you’ll be paid for all the electricity you generate for personal use and for the National Grid. Generating up to 30% of your electricity needs, the Ecogen boiler is the only accredited, electricity-producing boiler on the market.




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Last updated: over 3 years ago