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Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Mumsnet are delighted to be working with Breakthrough Breast Cancer  during Octobbreakthrough logoer, breast cancer awareness month.

Back in September we asked you to send us the best piece of advice you've ever had (about anything, life, love, health, children - whatever). We had a great response and you can find out the full range of mumsnetters' top advice here.

The folks at Breakthrough have chosen their top 10 best bits of advice and here they are (in no particular order):

Top 10 best bits of advice ever

  •  If you can do something about it, do it. If you can't, stop worrying. midnightexpress
  •  Don't underestimate yourself. Rawchocolate
  •  Buy a good bed and shoes, because you're in one or the other. kikid
  •  Choose a husband as carefully as a bra: both should give you support, make you stand tall, and  flatter your bosom! BitofFun
  •  Nothing ever turns out like you planned. lovelydahlias
  •  Don't bother about the mess until the mess-makers are gone. Marslady
  •  If you are going through hell, keep going. ChilloHippi
  •  If in doubt, throw it out. louii
  •  Don't let fear hold you back. lilyloo

    In return, Breakthrough Breast Cancer's advice this Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a simple as TLC:

  • TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual?
  • LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape and texture?
  • CHECK anything unusual with your doctor. 
  • Love your breasts.  Be breast aware.  Most cases of breast cancer are found by women noticing unusual changes, taking the initiative and visiting their doctor. The earlier breast cancer is found, the better the chance of beating it – so you can see how important it is to make regular checks.

If you'd like to find out more about your risks of developing breast cancer and how you can reduce them click here.

To see Mumsnetters' top questions on Breast Cancer answered by Breakthrough's experts click here.



Last updated: over 3 years ago