The BEAR story

We are BEAR and we like things as nature intended - delicious natural nibbles with absolutely no nonsense. If anyone tried to sneak any sugar into our food, we'd bite their heads off. Grrr.

Instead we just use pure fresh fruits and wholesome wholegrains, gently baked to help make healthy eating a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier.


BEAR yoyos

Pure fruit rolls with no added nonsense, with one of your five-a-day in every pack. Each of our yoyos contains a collectible fact card inside. There are six different recipes to try: strawberry, pineapple, mango, raspberry, apple and blackcurrant.



BEAR paws

Our toddler range paws are pure fruit gently baked into tasty paw shapes – stamped with different animal prints for your kids to identify and learn about. There are four different recipes to try: safari paws, jungle paws, dino paws and arctic paws.




BEAR Alphabites 

Crunchy cereal letters made from nothing but five tasty multigrains and coconut blossom nectar, and with no refined sugar or salt. Alphabites are high in fibre and naturally high in calcium and there are two different varieties to try: Multigrain Alphabites and Cocoa Alphabites.



BEAR nibbles 

Just delicious pure fruit, softly baked with no added sugars, sulphites, preservatives or other nonsense. There are two different recipes to try: mango and pineapple, or strawberries and cherries.





Last updated: about 3 years ago