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What Mumsnetters told us about starting a business

Do you spend your evenings obsessing over that idea that you just know would take off if you took the plunge?

Are The Apprentice and Dragon's Den essential viewing in your household? It sounds like you have the business bug. Well, Barclays want to help and we wanted to know how you were really feeling about starting a business.

Nearly 500 of you responded to our survey, asking you the ins and outs of starting a business. Of those 42% are thinking of starting a business, and 58% are already running a business.

So here's what those of you who are thinking about starting a business said.


What you said

  • 69% of you are thinking of starting a business because you want the flexibility running your own business can bring
  • Nearly half you who were thinking of starting up said you wanted to be your own boss
  • 39% said starting a business would be a way to create an independent source of income
  • So what's stopping you? Well, over half of you said that the risks involved were putting you off taking the leap.
  • Not to mention a lack of available money, which is what's standing in the way for 49%.
  • And if you are feeling unsure of whether you have what it takes, you're not alone, 38% of respondents have exactly that concern 


But what about the Mumsnetters who have done it?

  • Well, 82% run their business from home. Yes, it's possible – and did you know that's how Mumsnet started?
  • And if it's getting your head round the finances that is stopping you, take heart from the fact that 55% say they are on top of their finances. If they can do it, why not you?
  • It turns out, running your own business may not be as flexible as you first thought – on average, those of you with a business spend around 25 hours a week running the business, with it creeping up to over 30 hours for 38% of you. Does that sound about right?
  • But you're not stopping there, 55% of Mumsnetters with a business want to grow it

That's a quick rundown of what you told us, but we'd still love to hear your thoughts on what support you need to get your business up and running, and how we can help you take the next step, wherever you are on the business timeline. Business-owner or business-dreamer, whichever camp you fall into, let us know if you agree or have something to add on the Business start-up talkboard.

In the meantime, we've put together the start-a-business checklist, so if you're ready, you can get off to the best possible start. Take a look and start ticking those steps off.


Source: All statistics are taken from the Barclays Business survey, February 2013

Give your start-up a head start. Find out how to prep, plan and grow your business at the Barclays Business Hub

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