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Renting? Paying a mortgage? Crammed into two bedrooms when you really need four, or rattling around now kids have moved out? Any of those sound like your family?

Well, whatever your situation, chances are your home is the centre of your family's world. We want to know how you feel about your home, so we can work out how we can help to make things easier for you.

 Over a thousand Mumsnetters shared their thoughts with us, and unsurprisingly there was a lot that we wanted to share with you, while we get cracking on some solutions.

So, deep breath. Here are the top 11 things Mumsnetters told us. If you agree/disagree/aren’t quite sure about anything on the list, please let us know your thoughts - the more points of view, the better.

  • 21% of you are renting, and over half of them say they simply can’t afford to get on the property ladder
  • Three quarters reckon that’s because it’s harder to get a deposit together now than it was for their parents
  • Over half of homeowners want to improve their homes, either to add value to their homes or just make home life a bit easier
  • That goes towards the 1 in 6 homeowners who want to move or improve their home, but don’t feel they can afford to
  • 39% of homeowners feel that their homes are their pensions
  • 70% can’t see how their kids are going to get on the property ladder
  • A whopping 56% of homeowners feel like their kids will still be living with them when they are 25
  • Even so, 41% are not saving anything at all for their children’s future
  • 18% of homeowners are saving for their children, but that means they’re not saving anything for themselves in the future
  • Talking of mum and dad, 4 in 10 homeowners have asked parents or the in-laws for financial help
  • And it looks like it runs in the family, as 61% of Mumsnetters with children aged 17 or over have talked money with their kids

What do you think? Do you agree with what Mumsnetters told us? You can still let us know here.

And another thing…

We know that you think about more than just your home, so we asked what was on your radar money-wise at the moment, and here were your big hitters:

  1. How university fees will affect your family, and whether you can help your kids fund it
  2. Whether you should buy, sell, move or even downsize your home
  3. How you can save for your children’s future, be it a car, a house deposit or a wedding
  4. Other education costs, such as nursery costs, private schools and tuition
  5. The ever-growing dilemma of retirement and building a pension
  6. Whether you should return to work or work a few extra hours or not

Do these ring true with you? Are these the issues keeping you up at night? Let us know your thoughts and join the conversation here.

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