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Make the most of your lost moments

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Life's funny sometimes, isn't it? You spend all day wishing for more time in the day, and then suddenly, you find yourself stuck in the car park, having discovered ballet/swimming/piano actually finishes at 4:15pm not 4pm.

So what do you do? Drive yourself mad thinking about all the jobs you could be doing, the little tasks that you could be checking off your list.

Well, we feel your pain. So, we've pulled together some top tips from mums that could help you make the most of your time, rather than angrily playing that smartphone game for another five minutes.

  • "I tend to use that time to plan meals for the week in my head, and mentally run through the cupboards to check we have everything we need for them. And if I'm really lucky, I grab a coffee while I'm doing it – and drink it while it's actually still hot." Stacey, mum of Lucian, 2, and Athena, 4 months.

  • "I check my emails and texts on my phone and send as many as I can to catch up. Otherwise I end up doing it at 10 o'clock when the kids are in bed and all the other jobs are done!" Susan, mum of Rian, 7, and Orla, 4.

  • "In the rare event of five minutes of free time I take a deep breath, enjoy the view/bird song/tranquility and do things like savour walking at a normal pace." Lizzie, mum of Lexie, 4 and Thomas, 1.

  • "The other day I was 10 minutes early for something and ended up fixing my son's scooter! But otherwise, I seem to be constantly on my mobile in those in-between times: paying bills; online shopping; buying birthday presents; or as a bit of a luxury, reading the news!" Maria, mum of Joaquin, 3 and Santi, 1.

  • "I make sure dentist appointments, eye tests, and haircuts are scheduled in for the whole family for the next six months! I have the family calendar on my phone and all the numbers right there, so it makes sense." Lindsay, mum of Rebecca, 13, and Isobel, 11.

  • "I'm in a real nesting phase at the moment, so any spare moments I get, I plan things for the home or make lists for the baby's room on my phone." Mum-to-be, Lu.

  • "I paint my nails! And while they're drying, I fantasise about getting a full night's sleep…" Jessicka, mum of Rufus, 1.

How Barclays can help

With such fantastic tips on offer, we couldn't help but put one in ourselves: Stay on top of your finances!

With two apps from Barclays: Mobile Banking and Barclays Pingit both give you better access than ever to your finances. With Barclays Mobile Banking, you can pay bills, check your balances and view statements, when you're out and about, and it's all as secure as using Barclays online banking. And if you want to speak to someone from Barclays, the app has a really quick way to do it – just press "Call us" and you won't have to go through all the identity questions, as you are already logged in to your mobile banking.

And with Barclays Pingit, you can send and receive money with just a mobile number – so your friends can send you their share of the bill there and then or you can ping a fiver for raffle tickets to your super-organised mate who always seems to carry cash. You can add a message to your payment, or even a picture, so you can ping someone the money, add a thank you message and add a real life smiley face! Or whatever you like, obviously!

What do you reckon – do these seem like the sort of things you'd recommend? Let us know your top tips and what you'd spend any time you grab back on.

Then, when you've filled up those little bits of time throughout the week ticking things off your list, maybe even by getting some of those little banking tasks out the way on your phone, you might just find yourself with a proper half an hour or hour at the end of the week you can spend on doing something a bit lovely.

For loads more information – terms, conditions and how it all works – take a look at the Barclays website.

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