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Savvy ways to save

Ways to save

From low-cost day trips to lowering your teenager's mobile bills, Barclays asked mums to reveal their top family finance tips. Look after the pennies…

Start your dream business


A successful small business owner shares her secrets of success, from initial research to writing that all-important business plan.

Know your money

Know your money

In the hurly-burly of family life, it's easy to lose track of what's happening with your spending and saving. Here are some ways to get a handle on your finances.

Women in business

Chococo founder Claire Burnet

Watch Chococo founder Claire Burnet and Taylor Lynn Corporation founder Liz Taylor talking about how they got their businesses off the ground.

Five great money rules

Money rules

Five successful women reveal the financial nuggets of wisdom they swear by to help you feel in control of your money.

What makes a good idea?


Wondering how you can tell if your business idea is pure genius, or a bit weak? Julie Meyer, an online Dragon's Den investor, explains how to spot the difference. 

From start-up to pick-up


Fancy starting a business but want to be flexible and work around your kids? Barclays talks to one mum who has made it happen to find out how.

Online masterclass


So you've got an idea for the next big online success, but no clue how to get started. Find out what small business guru Sean McManus recommends.

Run a business from your bedroom

Dos and donts

Building a business empire from your bedroom is possible. The founder of Tots to Travel shares her invaluable list of dos and don'ts.

Make friends, influence people


Your business success could hinge on your networking skills, so discover top tips for making those vital connections.

Growing your business


So your business is up and running and now you're thinking of ways to expand and grow. Here's what you need to consider.

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