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Money on the run

Content supplied by Barclays

Woman runningFor mums with diaries more hectic than a toddler's birthday party, here are a few financial time-savers you need to know about.

Money on the run

Being a parent means you can be asked for money (from your kids, school, parent committee...) at any given moment. But if you can't remember how much - if anything - is in your account and whether you even have the funds to shell out, it can feel a little awkward. So how handy would it be to be able to access your account, right there and then and make an informed decision? Well, now you can, with these handy mobile options:

1. Check your account anywhere

There's that feeling you get when you're in a queue or five minutes early for pick-up, and you can't help but think that this is time you could be using to get stuff done. And that's when having your bank account in your pocket just makes sense.

With mobile banking, you can check balances, make transfers and payments and view mini-statements on your phone, which means that if you need to do something with your account you can, rather than having to make a mental note to do it later.

Barclays offer customers the same Online Banking security guarantee for their mobile banking service as they do for their online banking, so you know you're covered. But it's still worth checking no one's looking over your shoulder when you're inputting your details on your phone.

If you're registered for Barclays online banking, you can register for mobile banking online.

2. Do (almost) everything online

The last thing you need in a busy day is 'pop to the bank' on your to-do list. Once you've registered for online banking, you can start keeping track of your accounts, making payments, setting up direct debits, and lots of other tasks, direct from your computer without having to step out of the house.

If you're an existing Barclays customer, head to the Barclays website to register for online banking.

3. Pay and run

Mums' hands are made for holding. Holding little hands, slippery banana skins, a multitude of bags… the list is endless. Having to put all those things down so you can root around in the bottom of your bag for enough change to buy a coffee can be pretty frustrating.

With a Barclays contactless debit card, you can pay for things under £20 just by holding your card next to the reader. You don't have to enter your PIN - you can just pay and go. Perfect.

4. Talk to someone, any time

When it comes to family finances and how much (or little) is in your account, sometimes you just want to talk to somebody, even it's for reassurance that a payment has gone through, or some money's arrived in your account. This is where telephone banking comes in.

With Barclays telephone banking, you can get your current balance, check recent transactions, pay bills and stop cheques, as well as lots of other tasks, over the phone, so you get the reassurance of speaking to a real person 24/7 without leaving your house.
If you have an account with Barclays, call 08457 555 555 to get yourself set up with telephone banking.

5. Be reminded about bills

It's all very well putting all these brilliant time-saving measures in place, but you can't account for simply forgetting stuff. Recommended by mums, Remember the Milk is a neat app that lets you pull together all the tasks and lists that pile up around you all day. You can set it up to give you a nudge to pay a bill or transfer some money, and combined with text alerts from your Barclays mobile banking, you not only have access to your accounts wherever you are, but also receive reminders as and when you need them.

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