Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?

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So you have a fantastic business idea, you've juggled the family schedule of pick-ups, playdates and the (very occasional) evenings out, but have you checked whether you’ve got the personality to make it as an entrepreneur?

According to Thomas Harrison, a former-biologist-turned-marketing-guru, there may be a connection between entrepreneurship and genetic makeup. He discovered that while some people are born with a natural talent for business, others have latent traits that can be honed for success. So are you one of the lucky ones? Find out by taking this quiz, adapted from Harrison's book ‘Instinct'.


Entrepreneur personality test


Make a note of your As and Bs – they may just affect your bottom line.

Which do you find more enjoyable?
(A) Planning events.
(B) Imagining new products or ideas.

When you hit an obstacle in reaching a goal, which are you more likely say?
(A) "If I just stick to my plan. I'll get there."
(B) "Maybe there's another way to reach my goal."

When you're planning something in a group and talk turns to abstract ideas, which would you tend to do?
(A) Find yourself interested in hearing various ideas.
(B) Find another conversation; you can't be bothered with abstract debate.

What you accomplish in your life defines who you are.
(A) I agree.
(B) I disagree.

Which statement describes what you do when faced with a task you dislike?
(A) "The sooner I get this out of the way, the sooner I won't have to think about it."
(B) "I've got to do it sometime – just not now."

When a meeting you're involved in, but are not responsible for, is drifting how do you react?
(A) I take charge and focus the discussion.
(B) I wait to see if the discussion becomes more productive and multitask in the meantime.

On holiday, how would you prefer to spend most of your time?
(A) Going, doing, and seeing as much as possible.
(B) Relaxing, reading, and kicking back.

When working or planning something with somebody new, which would you be more likely to do?
(A) Get started on the work based on a handshake.
(B) Start work after all contracts have been signed.

If a group of colleagues insisted on pursuing a plan you know would create problems, how would you handle it?
(A) Fight for your idea, even if it means confrontation.
(B) Point out the problems but agree in advance that you'll do whatever everyone else wants.

When you've been successful it's because:
(A) You've worked harder and smarter than other people.
(B) You've had a lot of help from others, opportunities, and a little luck.

When you make a decision, which do you tend to do?
(A) Make it quickly, move on.
(B) Worry about the worst-case scenario.

When you've got "the blues," what do you do?
(A) Shake them off easily.
(B) Have trouble getting yourself motivated again.

If you see something you love but can't afford, which are you more likely to do?
(A) Resist it until you're sure the purchase won't affect other financial plans.
(B) Go ahead and get it.


The results

Very few As: The life of an entrepreneur could be a rough ride for you.
About half As, half Bs: You didn't inherit a full set of entrepreneurial genes but by understanding your weaknesses and compensating for them you could still make it work.
Mainly As: Don't hang around. You were born for business.

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