Making the most of video


We've put together some tips on how to get your video online, if you do decide to go for YouTube.


Go to and create an account. You need to be signed in to upload. Clicking 'Upload video' opens a window asking you to select a file from your computer. Click 'Choose' and your file will start loading. You can also 'drag' your file from your desktop.

How it will look

Give your video a snappy title. It's worth taking the time to think about it. Titles attract customers and you only have a few words to hook them. Choosing a title can be tricky, it's harder writing five words than 50, so think about what your customers will be looking for and choose key words to go into your title to match. You can always give more detail in a description under the video. Put your website in here too in case they miss it on the film.



Make it findable

Next, think of some useful tags. It's one of the ways people find you through Google. They can be your company name, customer interests (ie smoothies) or even your location (ie pub, Leicester). Then choose a category for people interested in your general area (ie Pets & Animals).

Selecting a thumbnail

Finally, select a thumbnail. This will be how your video looks when it comes up in search results or social media. YouTube gives you a choice so pick the one that makes you look best and shows exactly what your video is about.
Your video is up, it looks fantastic and is a brilliant advertisement. But you can see it has only one view and that was you! Customers won't just stumble across it. You need to share it.


YouTube knows people love to show off their videos so it's easy to post or 'embed' videos on other sites. Above your description are three tabs: About; Share; Add to. Click 'Share' and see two more options: Share this video or Embed.

Top tip

In searches, YouTube uses the filename you gave your film more than the title you give it on the site. If you want customers looking for 'Fitting a car seat' make that part of your filename when you save it on the computer.

If you haven't, go back to your computer and rename it (before uploading). Done in seconds!


… on Facebook

With Share this video, YouTube gives you a web address, or URL, to copy and paste into Facebook. Don't just stick it up alone, give it fanfare: "Watch the brilliant Juice-o-tron 5000! Less mess than ever before…" and paste the URL next to it. Facebook will open a box showing a snippet of the YouTube page.  

…on Twitter

With Twitter you've got 140 characters to explain what you're posting because the video thumbnail won't show, just the URL. Try things like questions or teasers to get people to click through to your video. For example, "Trying to get your head around tax legislation?" and the URL. The URL can go over the character limit, it'll just be shortened.

…on your website

This is a little more involved but clicking on 'Embed' will give you ready-made HTML code – website language. If you have some web experience then you'll have a programme to let you paste this code in. Otherwise, send it to your site manager to upload. It's the same in a blog post if the programme accepts code. If not, just use the URL you would use for Facebook.
Tweet and Facebook it more than once. Marketers advise two or three times to get noticed. Encourage friends and colleagues to post, tweet, 'like' and comment. YouTube videos with more comments turn up nearer the top in searches.

That's all there is to it. Five minutes, a few clicks and a bit of thought and you could be well on your way to internet superstardom!

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