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Barclaycard and Mumsnet - family reward research

How do you stretch your family budget and still treat your family? Who takes responsibility for making the numbers add up on your household budget?

With the rising cost of living, is it time for mums to put the "domestic goddess" to one-side and focus on becoming a "domestic economist" instead?

We invited more than 1,000 Mumsnetters to fill in the Barclaycard family reward research to find out just how you all find room in everyday spending to treat yourself and your family. So what did our research tell us?

Mums are padding out the family purse

In a third of families, mums are either the main breadwinner or an equal contributor to the combined wage packet. A further four in ten mums bring in a smaller contribution to the total household income. Of mums that don’t go out to work, the majority are responsible for managing the family finances, helping make sure the money stretches as far as possible.
All mums, whether or not they are managing family finances, are more likely to use reward and loyalty cards. Stay at home mums tend to keep closer track of their accumulated rewards. These “domestic economists” are also more likely than those in full time employment to have switched to a credit card such as a Barclaycard Freedom Reward card that earns them reward points for every purchase they make.

Points mean surprises

Most mums spend their reward points every three or four months, redeeming on average £20 of rewards each time. With bills rising, six-in-ten mums have changed the way they use their reward points or vouchers to help make the family budget go further. Half of mums believe reward points are a sensible way of getting more from everyday spending. A further three in ten mums have started using their credit card like a debit card to accumulate reward points on everyday spending.

Mums putting family first

The most popular type of treats are those that involve the whole family such as enjoying a day or meal out together. This is twice as popular as mums treating themselves to cosmetics or a new outfit.

When it comes to using reward points or vouchers this is even more pronounced; just 3% of mums always put such savings toward a gift for themselves compared with one in four who always put them towards the family.

If the average UK family put all their spending on their card, they could be enjoying a £5 rewards voucher every month.

  • To see how quickly and easily your own everyday spending could add up to rewarding family experiences, check out how much you could get from your everyday spending from our handy tool here

Whether it's a day trip to Legoland or a family meal at Strada, swapping to a Freedom Rewards card will help you save quickly and easily for the things that really matter to you and your family.



Last updated: over 3 years ago