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Cosying up for winter - tips on making your home warm

Keeping warm and cosy at home this winter is key for many. By following our simple tips to staying toasty this season and keeping your home warm you'll save money and energy.

Why you should use B&Q's bio-ethanol fires to keep your home warm

Not entirely convinced by bio-ethanol? We've compiled a rather compelling list of reasons as to how they trump traditional fireplaces. Read on and find out why you should use B&Q's bio-ethanol fires to keep your home warm this October. 


  • Are flueless fireplaces which require no chimney, gas connection or electricity supply
  • Can be used in smoke controlled areas
  • Are suitable for flats and apartments as well as larger homes
  • Are easy and quick to light and extinguish
  • Come in both freestanding and table top models that are easily portable from location to location (not whilst lit or still hot).
  • Are suitable for outdoor and indoor (dependant on room size)
  • Require minimal initial assembly
  • Need very little cleaning
  • Don't require any specialist installation
  • Operate on Bio Ethanol Liquid Fuel – derived from waste plant material
  • Burn cleanly, and don't produce any soot or smoke
  • And of course.. produce real flame and warmth!


Tips on how to save money, and energy with your heating

Anticipating another hefty heating bill this Autumn? Why not see if you can cut back on your costs with some of these handy tips on how to save money and energy with your heating. 

  • Check that the central heating is on when people are in the house as heating an empty house is a waste of energy and money
  • The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a boiler accounts for about 60 per cent of energy bills. If it is more than 12 years old, it may be worth replacing. The Heatline Monza costs £519 and is one of the highest efficiency combi boilers around
  • Hot water should be set for 60C. Any higher is a waste of energy; any lower and there may be a risk of micro organisms forming
  • Don't turn thermostatic radiator valves off, even if you are not using a room. Sometimes they can stick when turned back on again. Set to the frost setting instead
  • Ensure that loft insulation is 270mm (about 11") and that it is between the joists of the loft. Cavity walls should also be insulated and it can usually be professionally insulated in just one day from the outside of a home


B&Q supports the Fire Kills campaign

Fire killsWhen you change your clock, test your smoke alarm

Candles and open fires are a lovely way to make your home feel warm and cosy even on the coldest winter night. But you do need to be aware of and prepare for the risks that any naked flame presents in causing a fire.

Having a correctly installed working smoke alarm can provide you with those vital few moments to escape in the event of a fire. Smoke alarms should be fitted on every level of your home and tested every week. The simplest way of remembering to do this is to test your smoke alarm when you're changing your clocks.

For more help and advice on fire safety, check out the Fire Kills campaign and make sure you test your smoke alarm on 28th October when you change your clocks.


Make sure you're protected with B&Q's Fire Protection range 

With a variety of new products from B&Q's Fire Protection range both yours and your families mind will be eased when it comes to fire safety. Our pick for the key products are below:

Black Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm 
You should fit a Carbon Monoxide Alarm in any room that contains a fuel burning appliance

Wireless Interlink 10-year life smoke alarm
Giving you the earliest possible warning of fire via a network wireless interlink smoke alarms. Each alarm will trigger all alarms in its network simultaneously

Combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarm 
One alarm protects against two deadly threats. There are two different alarm sounds and indicator alerts to warn of the danger of either Carbon Monoxide or Fire

Tundra Kitchen Fire Extinguisher
With half of house fires starting in the kitchen a fire extinguisher is your first defense. Designed for the kitchen with it's familiar aerosol style nozzle it is easy to use.


Last updated: over 3 years ago