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SunflowerYou're never too young to learn how to garden, so why not pop into your local B&Q store with your kids on Saturday 16 June to join in with B&Q's great Sunflower giveaway.

Every B&Q store across the UK and Ireland will be giving away free sunflowers to encourage children to get gardening and spread a bit of colour this summer.

You will also have the chance to win a fantastic prize courtesy of B&Q by growing the tallest sunflower by the end of August. Just remember to send us a picture of your sunflower plant as soon as you've picked it up and email it to

Keep us updated on how it's growing and by the end of August we'll award the mum and kids with the tallest sunflower a fabulous prize.

Kids Can Do It Workshop

If you're unsure as to how to grow your sunflower, sign your children up to a Kids Can Do It Workshop at more than 50 B&Q stores on 16 June. The workshop will showcase how best to plant sunflowers to give your child a helping hand at growing the tallest sunflower this summer.

Once you've picked up your sunflower plant, remember to follow B&Q's top tips below to ensure you're in with a chance to grow the tallest sunflower this summer

  1. Plant the sunflower in a spot where it's sunny all day long. These plants love the sun.
  2. Ensure the sunflower has space. Plant roughly 30in apart from other plants.
  3. Water the plant as soon as you've planted it and then water infrequently to encourage deeper roots.
  4. When it gets to roughly 30cm high, support the plant with a bamboo stick. Doing this will encourage the plant to grow as tall as it can with the support of the stick.
  5. To protect the plant from animals, buy some netting to drape over. That way the sunflower will produce lots of seeds, which are a tasty snack for children.

Kids can do it

GWRGuinness World Record attempt

B&Q will be aiming to break the Guinness World Record in August for the amount of digital pictures showcased in one space, so make sure you send B&Q a picture of your sunflower to be included in the final count to sunflowers@b-and-q.co.uk

The record will be counted at the end of August in one of B&Q's 359 stores and all the entries names will be included in the record attempt.

The nation's favourite gardener and B&Q ambassador, Alan Titchmarsh is also supporting the campaign. To find out where your nearest store is, and more about the sunflower giveaway, just log on to www.diy.com/sunflowers.



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