Sarah's style tips

Ah, Halloween. That much-loved and eagerly-awaited calendar event, which gives children (and adults, if the mood takes you) the chance to dress up in spooky or not-so-spooky costumes.

So if you're going to play this year, why not have a bit of fun and make sure your home is looking suitably eerie as well? 


Check out these tips to make your home look spooky this Halloween

  • Turn off your lights and use plenty of candles and lanterns to light your home, giving it a spooky feeling. Don't forget to place candles inside your pumpkins to highlight the frightening carvings.
  • "Make artificial tombstones out of pieces of cardboard and spray paint them in shades of silver, brown, black or green. Stand the tombstones in your front garden or outside your front door to give the outside of your home an eerie feel."
    Hang artificial cobwebs around the ceiling, walls and doorways of your house to make it look old and unused. Place plastic spiders around the cobwebs to give them an authentic feel.
  • Make spooky scarecrows or "zombies" and place them throughout your house. Sew a shirt and trousers together and stuff with newspapers. Pin a scary mask to a small cushion and use for the head. Spread fake blood over each "zombie" for extra effect.
  • Cover your windows with black bin bags to prevent natural light from filtering through. Spread dried leaves, twigs and stones on the floor. String red, blue and green Halloween lights over windows and around doorways.



Last updated: about 3 years ago