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Feature wallCreating a feature wall is a fantastic way of adding immediate style to your home and it can be achieved very simply and in very little time too!

This season it's all about botanical prints of bamboo or leaves in silhouettes and textured wallpapers are also making a strong come back. Here, B&Q shows you how, as well as some ideas to brighten up your home this summer.


How to hang wallpaper

  1. Decide which type of wallpaper you will use, paste the wall, paste the paper or ready pasted. Here we'll assume you're using paste. 
  2. Work out the size of the area you are wallpapering to decide how much wallpaper is needed
  3. Remember to ensure your wallpaper rolls all have the same batch numbers
  4. Start from the edge of the wall
  5. Top tip

    Remember that if you're wallpapering a chimney breast, start from the centre and work outwards.
    Draw a vertical straight line on the wall using a spirit level - this is your first panel
  6. Next, hang your wallpaper against the wall and cut to length
  7. Mix up the wallpaper paste and leave for three minutes
  8. Generously paint the first panel of the wall with the paste
  9. Hang your paper on the wall, starting from the top and smoothing down with your hand. Then use a dry brush to smooth out
  10. Use a cutting knife to cut off any ends of the wallpaper that overlap onto the ceiling or adjacent wall
  11. Hang the remaining panels of wallpaper, remembering to match the pattern each time


Tips for a feature wall

Ensure the other walls in the room are either painted or wallpapered a plain colour to make your feature wall stand out from the crowd. You don't want to add too many different patterns to one room, so remember, keep it simple.

Add some finishing touches to your new look by investing in some bold colours to add a pop of colour to the room. Bright cushions or block colour lamps work well to help brighten up a space or why not try a colourful throw to instantly update a tired looking sofa?


Last updated: about 3 years ago