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With Christmas just around the corner – along with the inevitable invasion of relatives – now is the perfect time to give some attention to those unfinished home improvements.

It's all too easy to put off doing projects around the home. As with most things, the multitude of distractions brought about by day-to-day life can easily stop us rolling up our sleeves and getting down to some DIY. But with Christmas just around the corner, now is a great time to try to cram in some last-minute attention to those unfinished home improvements.

Although often forgotten, the spare room can come into its own during Christmas, as a space to store, sleep and even entertain! Here, B&Q provides a few simple tips to spruce up your spare room without spending a fortune.


Splash of colour 

If your walls haven't seen a lick of paint for years, perhaps now is a good time. And if you've only stuck to neutral colours before, why not try a change and opt for something bold, like a warm red which will create a completely different look? Plus, shades like this this can be really inviting during the cold winter months.

However, if your room is relatively small, strong colours can be oppressive. One trick that you can try is to only paint one or two of the walls, leaving the others in more neutral tones.

Alternatively try a paint effect known as sponging which creates a mottled effect on your walls and is ideal for toning down bright colours, adding interest to a dull wall or hiding any imperfections on the surface.

How to do paint-sponging

  1. Use a natural sponge as imitation ones don't work as well.
  2. Pour a little of the first colour mix into the paint tray or plate and dip the sponge into it.
  3. Gently pat the sponge on the wall, constantly changing the angle and the position of the sponge and your hand so you get an even but random build-up of colour.
  4. For a dense effect, go over the wall several times, gradually building up the colour.


Flawless laminate

Now you've got your beautifully-painted walls, you might feel inspired to turn your attention to the floor, because if the carpet in your spare room is old and tatty, or you can't get rid of last year's mulled wine stains, considering a change might be a fantastic idea.

Laminate flooring provides an easy clean surface and is quick and easy to install. LOC Laminate flooring simply locks together, so no adhesive or nails are required. However the boards must be conditioned before they are fitted to avoid warping so lay them horizontally in their packing in the room where they are to be used for at least 48 hours and make sure the existing floor is properly prepared and underlay fitted.



Choosing a good window-dressing can really refresh your spare room, and make it look completely different. If you've had the same curtains for years, why not opt for a blind for a more modern feel, they come in a vast array of colours designs and sizes.

It's important to remember you should only attempt to carry our DIY work within your capability and where you feel safe. So, if you need additional advice before you begin your maintenance work, you can ask one of B&Q's staff at your local store, check out the 'How To' videos on the B&Q YouTube channel or attend a You Can Do It class at one of our 15 You Can Do It centres across the UK.

Alternatively visit the B&Q website: where you can get further information on gardening, DIY projects and product information.


Last updated: about 3 years ago