Project of the month

Project of the month

September is the perfect time to lay a new lawn. The grass is able to root easily and, if prepared thoroughly, you will get a pristine lawn.

When is the best time to lay turf?

If the soil is warm and moist, the turf you lay will quickly establish itself. September time is perfect for this as over the next few months the new turf will be regularly watered by the winter rain.

What turf do I need to buy?

Not sure how much turf to buy, or what you need to know? Read these handy guidelines for beginners.

  • A standard piece of turf will cover about one square metre.

  • You should choose good quality turf raised from seed.
  • If you live in an area with a low rainfall, you should try drought-tolerant turf.
  • When your turf arrives you should stack it into rolls in a shady spot and sprinkle with water regularly.
  • You shouldn't wait longer than a day to lay the turf.


How do I lay turf?

First, you should make sure the soil is in the best condition it can be - so trim off any old grass, make sure there are no large stones and weeds in the soil and make sure the soil is roughly level. Next, rake the soil and then water well.

After this, you should lay your first row of turf in a straight edge, slowly unrolling the turf to avoid damaging. Try and match each piece up closely and make sure they are close to the soil by stamping them down with the back of the rake.

Once the turf is all laid out, set up a sprinkler, or use a watering can to water the turf thoroughly.

Looking after your turf

If you want to give your newly-laid turf the best shot at flourishing, do your best to avoid walking on it until it's rooted into the soil. (Do bear in mind that this can take several weeks.) Depending on the weather, the grass may begin to grow if it is mild, and keep it in check, by trimming it lightly.


Last updated: about 3 years ago