Project of the month


With the weather being so up and down the past few months, it can sometimes be tough to get the kids excited about doing activities outside.

B&Q's Little Garden Angels range is accessible and affordable, meaning kids should be keen to get stuck into the garden and get their fingers dirty using their new tools.

From watering cans and rakes to hanging baskets and wheelbarrows, there's something for all little boys and girls to get their fingers green this summer.

Kids Can Do It

When the weather's not great and you can't spend time with your kids outside, you can still get them involved in some good old fashioned DIY activities. 

Try the idea below for a simple and fun job that you can make with your children.  Remember children must be supervised at all times - suitable for children aged 7-11.

Click on the image to enlarge it, or download the PDF here.

Make a key holder



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