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Project of the month | B&Q

You can do it - deckingSpruce up your outside space with one of these two inspiring ideas from B&Q. Making a new patio or laying new decking are all easy to do if you have the knowledge and tools, so why not either log onto the B&Q YouTube page to get a step by step How To guide?

Or, you can grab a copy of the B&Q You Can Do It book. Alternatively, you can pop into one of 15 B&Q You Can Do It centres to be taught the skills from just £10 from an expert.

How to lay a simple paving patio

  1. Draw a simple scale plan of your garden so that you know exactly where the new paved patio will be
  2. Mark out where you want your patio to go using pegs and string. Ensure that the space is square by using a builder's square.
  3. Then, remove the turf using a spade.
  4. When digging remember to remove 125mm; 50mm for sub base, 50 mm for mortar and 25mm for the paving.
  5. It's best to dry lay the paving slabs to make sure you have the best pattern.
  6. When laying the sub base use a piece of wood and a hammer to knock it all into place to make it really compact. Then add 1cm of sand on top.
  7. Lay the cement on top of the sub base and then lay the paving slab on top, remember to use a spirit level to ensure its flat.
  8. Finish by mixing five parts sand to one part cement with a splash of water and fill in between the gaps in the paving. Leave to dry for 24 hours.


Creating a garden deck 

  1. Remove 5cm of turf from the area with a spade.
  2. You can do ti
  3. Create a square frame out of timber and run joists through the middle of it to support the decking.
  4. The joists need to run in the opposite direction of the decking and should be
  5. drilled into the frame no more than 400mm apart.
  6. When laying the decking, leave a gap of 3mm between the boards for rain water to drain away.
  7. Screw in each deck board onto the joist of the frame.
  8. Screw an extra deck board at the front of the decking to hide the frame.


Last updated: over 3 years ago