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Win a £500 John Lewis voucher with Arla Big Milk


Why should you choose Arla Big Milk over fresh cows' milk for your DC?

It's an easy and convenient way to support your child getting the vitamins and minerals they need, as part of their daily diet, including:

  • Calcium needed for normal growth and development of bones in children
  • Added Vitamin D for normal growth and development of bones in children
  • Added iron that contributes to normal cognitive development of children
  • Added Vitamin A

Whether it's a glass of milk, poured over cereal or used to make a delicious smoothie or hot chocolate as a treat, Arla Big Milk is versatile as well as functional, meaning no more worries for parents.

Take the stress out of mealtimes, with an enriched product you can feel confident provides kids with some of the extra goodness they need - this is why it is worth the premium price.  


Earlier this year, 250 Mumsnetters were sent an Arla Big Milk bundle to try. Here's what they had to say about it... 


Does it actually taste nice?

Toddler in box

  • "It tasted delicious and my daughter, who is quite fussy, enjoyed it so much that she asked for a drink of milk (unheard of!)"
  • "Found the milk tasted really good and my little man was very keen to drink it. He is asking for milk to drink more often since we started testing the milk."
  • "My two-year-old got through it all within two days! He rarely asks for milk otherwise. I also tried it out of curiosity - it has a lovely taste, much creamier than 'regular' milk."
  • "My two toddlers really enjoyed the Arla milk. Their usual milk is SMA toddler formula that I choose because it gives me peace of mind that they are getting the vitamins they need. I know from constant digs from the health visitor that 'they should be drinking 'normal' milk by now', but I enjoy, and NEED, that peace of mind."


How does the product look? Formula
  • "We love the packaging design and the wonderfully lengthy use by date! I also love how everything is explained on it - I know what's inside unlike most other milks."
  • "I like the packaging and love the idea that cow's milk could be fortified with all the vitamins that my toddler needs."
  • "The packaging is great - my two-year-old knew that it was his special milk and kept asking for 'big milk please'."


How good is it for my child?  Milk Formula
  • "It's nice to have a product which my daughter drinks anyway which has more added vitamins than the standard milk."
  • "I think it's great, it tastes just like regular milk but I know that it's full of vitamins which will aid my son's development. I will definitely buy it if I ever see it in the shops."
  • "The idea of a fresh milk that contains just what they need is fantastic. Please put this in stores soon!"



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