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All about Arla

Making 4,000 deliveries to stores and regional distribution centres each and every day, Arla is home to some of the UK's leading dairy brands, including Arla Cravendale, Anchor, Lurpak and Castello.

Not only is Arla the UK's number one dairy company, by turnover and milk pool, it is the largest supplier of both butter and spreads and cheese in the country. 



Natural goodness manifesto 

Arla delivers healthy, great tasting dairy products that are based on natural goodness. Products that are simple, natural, wholesome and nutritious. Arla believe that goodness matters -that it satisfies something deeper, feeding our body and soul. That it is a vital thread running through our everyday life - though we never take it for granted:

All we can wish for is that the good things we do,
every kind, creative, thoughtful act
the careful decisions we make about food, drink and sleep
(and every other tiny detail in between)
the play times, the nap times, the things we do together
the love we put into every moment we have spare
will help spread a little more goodness
and give those closest to us
all of the very best things they can possibly have in life
today and tomorrow.

Arla®. Let in the goodness


A 'farmer owned' company 

Arla currently has 13,400 owners, based in seven countries: Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In the UK alone, Arla has a total of 3,200 farmers, spread geographically throughout the country. As a cooperative Arla works together to continuously try and create something better, for the benefit of its farmer owners and each owner has a vote in the cooperative democracy. 

Arla makes the most of its farmers' milk by transforming it into great tasting products like cheese, butter, milk powder and more, which they hope you, together with millions of other people around the world, enjoy.

As a 'farmer owned' company, Arla makes sure its farmers get the best possible price for their milk so that they are able to invest in their farms and expand. Because of this, the money that Arla Foods makes when you buy its dairy products is equally split between each litre of milk that their owners supply. Every year the farmers can then invest some of their earnings back into the business so it can develop – to secure their own future and the future of the next generation of farmers. That's the cooperative philosophy.


Arla is proud to be responsible

In the UK, Arla supplies milk under the Red Tractor Dairy Farm Assurance scheme: the watchdog for quality, traceability, hygiene and animal welfare. An integral part of the scheme is the herd health plan, which is there to ensure that cows are happy, healthy and free from disease.

Arla believes that sustainability is central to corporate responsibility and its environment strategy recognises that the decisions taken today impact on the long-term future of Arla. In launching this strategy, it's the first dairy processor to include not only its own operations but also those of its farmers. This demonstrates Arla's determination to lead the way in embracing the environmental challenges the dairy industry faces right throughout the supply chain.

Arla's certainly set itself challenging targets. Having a robust set of environment targets doesn't just make ethical sense, it makes good business sense. Find out more about those targets here. 



Last updated: over 3 years ago