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Andrex® Clean | How Andrex® Do You Feel?

Andrex® Clean

How Andrex® do you feel?

Talking clean isn't dirty. Being truly clean is more than just about physical benefits – it's essential for our feeling of wellbeing and self-esteem.

That's why Andrex® is raising the subject of clean bottoms and is on a mission to get Britain talking about what makes them feel clean and confident.


Mumsnetters talk clean


Tell Andrex your tricks for making sure your children keep clean and you could win a £250 spa voucher. 

9 ways kids trump adults when it comes to toilet talk

We asked Mumsnetters to share with us the – ahem! – eccentric things kids say about keeping clean. The results were rather marvellous. 

Andrex® Clean

Talking clean

Andrex® has been expertly cleaning Britain's bottoms and helping you feel confident for 72 years. Join in on getting to the bottom of the subject and finding out what makes Britain feel fresh.

The Andrex® Clean Report


Having already spoken to children, Andrex asked grownups and experts what clean means to them. 

Andrex® partners with UNICEF

Andrex® is partnering with UNICEF to help improve sanitation for children in Angola. A special on-pack promotion wants to raise £250,000 to help thousands of children in Angola to have clean and safe toilets.