The Andrex® Clean Report

AndrexIt's time to come clean. Nearly all of us believe having a clean bottom is essential, yet we don't really talk about it. Our inability to talk about the subject leads to a lack of understanding and, ultimately, the inability to feel clean and confident.

Andrex® knows and cares about the business of being clean and is on a mission to elevate the standard of clean for everyone. How we clean ourselves and what we use is fundamental to a happy and healthy life, which is why Andrex® commissioned the landmark Andrex® Clean Report.

The report provides insight into our behaviour, investigates our attitudes to cleaning and helps us understand why caring for our most intimate areas is so important. It also introduces the Andrex® Clean Routine that will help everyone feel more clean and confident. 97% people in Britain say that being and feeling clean is important, but more than one in four adults say they aren't sure of, or don't know, the correct method to clean their intimate areas.


The Andrex® Clean Routine

Andrex® has consulted leading medical and hygiene experts to create this simple five-step routine. You should wash your intimate area with water every day and follow the Andrex® Clean Routine every time you go to the toilet to keep you and your family feeling confident, fresh, clean and healthy.


Clean Routine


The Andrex® Clean Report is meant to start up a conversation that is meaningful to all of us. After all, talking clean isn't dirty.



Last updated: over 2 years ago