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The Andrex® Clean Report

Today's world is one of unprecedented openness, where more and more we feel free to talk about any subject we like, and no topic is off-limits. We can chat online together, find information on the internet and really express ourselves.

But despite this, there's still one universally shared human experience we're yet to tackle - our cleaning habits in the toilet. Trying to talk about this still makes us awkward and uncomfortable - a feeling which we can accidentally end up passing on to our children. 

Of course, as with most things, childen typically approach toilet cleaning habits with the same enthusiasm, imagination and openness as everything else. When Andrex asked kids to describe the feeling of having a clean bottom, they said they felt as 'clean as a shark', 'clean as a rainbow' and 'as clean as a gold medal in the Olympics' to name a few. 

Why we love being clean

Everyone wants to be clean. It's essential for our physical health, and we can learn a lot from our children and their open approach to this basic need. By speaking frankly and without embarassment about how we look after our intimate areas not only encourages better habits in our kids, but also improves knowledge around hygiene and well-being.

Making sure our children are confident is crucial in their development, so toilet training and understanding why being clean is important is essential to their health and hygiene. 

Being truly clean is more than just about physical benefits though - it's essential for our feeling of well-being and self-esteem. Andrex carried out The Andrex Clean report, which asked you how you felt about being clean, and what the benefits were, from the physical to the psychological. 

Unsurprisingly, those surveyed said that feeling lovely and clean made them feel great, with 45% saying they felt more confident and almost a third (28%) say it made them feel happier. 

It's time to come clean

So, it's time to come clean. Andrex knows and cares about how we clean ourselves and wants to help the nation elevate its bathroom habits and how they care for their intimate areas. So it is encouraging everyone to get over their awkwardness and talk about how great truly clean feels, through more open discussion around how we clean ourselves and what we use.

So give it a go. After all, talking clean isn't dirty.



Last updated: over 3 years ago