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Ambre Solaire | Mumsnet

How to best protect your kids in the sun

We recruited three Mumsnetters to take part in our sun protection challenge. Watch the video above to see how they got on and learn just how much sun protection you should actually be using. You'll be shocked at the results!


Sun safety tips for your family

Sun protection tips

72% of people don't apply enough sun cream*, so we've outlined some simple tips to help you and your family stay protected.

Teach your kids sun safety

Teach your kids

Making sure your kids are wearing enough sun protection and are protected from the sun needn't be mission impossible. Follow our tips to get your kids involved, and help them develop sun safe habits from an early age.

Which product is right for you?


Whatever you need, we've got it covered! So whether you need something small and portable-sized to take to the park, or something designed for rapid application, explore our range of advanced protection products.

Got questions about sun protection?


We've partnered with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Tabi Leslie who is a member of the British Association of Dermatologists to answer your sun care queries. You can read her answers to the Mumsnetters' questions here. 

*In a study of 509 people, 19% didn’t know how much cream they applied. Of the 410 people that did know, 72% apply less than the recommended European guideline.