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Award-winning nappies and wipes as well as organic baby food which come rated by Mumsnetters sound like they might cost the earth - but with Aldi, you can have all these quality products at a price you'll love.

And now there's even more lovely products on offer in Aldi's baby range, from quality Heinz dinners and desserts to the Truly Scrummy Organic baby food range, and Mamia Mini Nappies. Read on to find out why these Mumsnetters love Aldi, and what great new products are now up for grabs. 


Brilliant value for money

"Excellent value for money for both nappies and wipes, considering how good they are and the price of the competing brands." lorrainezzz

AldiThere's no need to spend big on brand name nappies and wipes. Aldi's Mamia nappies are affordable and trusted by thousands of mums across the UK, and the junior nappies recently won Silver in the Practical Parenting Awards 2011 (and took Bronze in the Mother & Baby awards 2011). They've been called "brilliant value for money" by Mumsnetters, and come in a new selection of sizes from newborn to toddler, meaning you'll be sure to find what you need, and feel 100% confident you're giving your baby the best protection. 


Mamia brand nappies and wipes


"The price is excellent and I had no issues with them at all." Velma75

"I would definitely recommend Aldi nappies and wipes to other parents. I have often recommended Aldi nappies in the past as used them all the time with my first son" Squiffie

"I already have recommended them to three of my friends with smaller babies than mine. I think they are brilliant value for money." BustyDeLaGhetto


NEW! Mamia New Born Nappies (size 1) – £1.79, per pack of 24 
The nappies are excellent value, working out at just 7.4 pence each. New Born Nappies come in size 1 (2-5kg, 4-11lbs).

NEW! Mamia Mini Nappies (size 2) – £3.49, per pack of 44
Mamia Mini Nappies are super-absorbent and use silky-to-touch material, which is ideal for keeping your baby's skin soft. Working out at just 7.9 pence each, these nappies are excellent value. Mini Nappies come in size 2 (3-6kg, 6-13lbs). (Size 2)

Mamia Midi Nappies (size 3) – £4.99, 54 per pack
Mamia Midi Nappies are ideal for when your baby starts to crawl because the soft flexible sides allow the nappy to flex and stretch as your baby moves, whilst still keeping a close fit. Working out at just 9.2 pence each, these Midi Nappies come in size 3 (4-9kg, 9-20lbs).

Mamia Maxi Nappies (size 4/4+) – £4.99, 48 per pack
Both super-absorbent and flexible, Aldi's Mamia Maxi Nappies give your baby day and night reassurance. Working out at just 10.4 pence each, these Maxi Nappies come in size 4/4+ (7-20kg, 15-44lbs), meaning that you can use one nappy instead of moving from 4 to 4+.

Mamia Junior Nappies (size 5)  – £4.99, 42 per pack
Thanks to their super-absorbent technology, Mamia Junior Nappies allow toddlers to move freely and comfortably, keeping them extra dry whilst they are finding their feet. Working out at just 11.9 pence each, these Junior Nappies come in size 5 (11-25kg, 24-55lbs).

Mamia Comfy Up Pants – £3.49, 22 per pack
Working out at just 15.9 pence each, these Comfy Up Pants come in size 5 (11-25kg, 24-55lbs).

Mamia Baby Wipes – 79p, 80 per pack
Available in Sensitive and Normal, these super soft baby wipes are ideal for cleansing your baby's skin on a daily basis. They are excellent value too, working out at just 0.9 pence per wipe.


More new products in the baby range




NEW! Heinz Baby Food Range

Choose from a wide range of flavours including Sunday Dinner Chicken Roast and yummy Chocolate Pudding, from 33p.

NEW! Truly Scrummy Organic Baby Food Range
Truly Scrummy organic products are for babies aged 4 to 12 months. Choose from a fruit or savoury option, from as little as 65p.





Read what the Mumsnetters said

We asked you what you thought of Aldi's Baby range, and their own brand of nappies and wipes, Mamia - here's what you said

I'd recommend the nappies and wipes 100% - a lot of my friends use branded wipes and there's no difference between those and the Aldi wipes. The nappies are a great price and do the same job as the ASDA own brand nappies and Pampers Simply Dry nappies. Flisspaps

"I cannot speak highly enough of the wipes. They were brilliant. Plastic lid is great, and doesn't break like some others I can mention. The wipes weren't all soggy at the bottom of the packs which was really good. Both worked equally as well for DS, I noticed no difference between normal and sensitive on his skin, which suprised me as he can't tolerate a lot of wipes." Ringosbaby

Most definitely would recommend the nappies, in fact I am probably going to stick to using them myself (not on myself obviously!!) The price is excellent and I had no issues with them at all. Velma75

Yes, was impressed with both products that I wouldn't previously have looked for. ssmile

They've both performed well, and are good value for money, so I have no reason not to recommend them. TheORIGINALWoofLady

I would definitely recommend the nappies – in fact, I already have. I think they represent great value for money, with no compromise on quality....which sounds like the sort of thing adverts always tell you, and you think 'yeah, right'...but is surprisingly true in this case! Fillybuster


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