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five aliveBringing the Dodo back to life? It’s all in a day’s work for celebrity dance choreographer Anthony Trahearn

He’s danced with A-list superstars, choreographed dance videos for chart acts across the world and more recently, used his funky smooth moves to breathe new life into the dancing 5 Alive Dodo featured in the new TVC.

Thanks to top celebrity dance choreographer, Anthony Trahearn, the lovable Dodo bursts back to life, shaking his moneymaker in a celebratory dance while singing the 70s classic ‘I’m Alive’ by Northern Soul legend – Don Fardon.

To see how Anthony used his skills to animate the 5 Alive Dodo, check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes footage below:



Mums turn 'me' time into 'we' time

So much for sitting back with a solitary book in our sparetime; a recent survey carried out by 5 Alive on Mumsnet* found that a third of British mums turn to either social networks (16%) or traditional offline conversations with friends (20%) when they have precious time to themselves.

A whopping two thirds (63%) of the mums questioned said that finding time to themselves either every day or most days is important to them, helping them to stay positive and clear their heads. Half of those who took part said it's that precioius 'me' time which makes them a happier and better parent. No surprise there, although it's It’s what mums choose to do with this time which seems to have changed in recent years

According to the survey, mums are much more likely to spend any time they squirrel away out of a busy family day with other mums, or their friends - although one in 10 did admit to dancing round the kitchen in that all-too-brief moment of solitude and the traditional soak in the bath (with the door preferably locked and bolted) also struck a note with 11% of mums choosing that for their favourite time on their own.

* The 5Alive survey was carried out on Mumsnet in April 2010 with 892 respondents.

Come alive with 5 Alive and the new dancing dodo ad

The new ad literally brings to life the strapline ‘Come Alive with 5 Alive’ as we see a Dodo brought back to life from extinction by 5 Alive.  The scene opens on a beautiful landscape of a Mauritian beach where washed up cartons of 5 Alive are scattered. The camera zooms in on a carton of 5 Alive Citrus, with its contents spilled out forming a pool in the sand.  Suddenly we see something moving beneath the sand, then a head pops through the surface. It’s a Dodo!  He shakes droplets of 5 Alive from his head and appears overjoyed that he’s back from extinction.  In celebration of his new found freedom he starts to sing and dance. His bum shakes, his little wings flap and his head bangs to the beat of the music. For your chance to win the £100 voucher tell us how many times the dancing Dodo flaps his right wing when he’s dancing on the crate of 5 Alive - add your answer here

Check out dancingdodo.com for lots of ways to interact with the Dodo and find out more about the campaign. Why not try out the fun apps ‘Dodo your Photo’ and  ‘Do you Dodo?’ challenging fans to upload videos of their own.



five alive


New Delicious Apple Variant

There are currently 3 family favourites in the 5 Alive range that are fortified with vitamins and minerals with up to 42% juice content.

Citrus: orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, lime - Calcium and Vitamin Cfive alive
Berry: apple, blackcurrant, grape, raspberry, strawberry – Vitamin C and Zinc
Tropical: orange, apricot, guava, mango, passion fruit – Vitamin C, Folic Acid and Vitamin B12.

A mouth-watering new apple flavour bursting with a blend of 5 fruits - apple, grape, pear, kiwi fruit and lemon has now joined the 5 Alive family. Fortified with a range of vitamins and minerals this breakfast staple is ideal for everyday family drinking as part of a healthy balanced diet.


5 Alive is a juice drink and a registered trade mark of The Coca-Cola Company






Last updated: over 3 years ago