Mumsnet in the Media: 2019


M&S lingerie expert reveals how trends changed over the last 10 years Daily Mail Online, 30 December

Mum sparks debate as she slams mother-in-law for demanding childcare 'expenses' Heart, 30 December

What it’s like to suffer with obsessive compulsive disorder throughout pregnancy Metro, 29 December

What it feels like to be a worker in the ‘woke’ world Financial Times, 27 December

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, review: even Robbie Williams can't dent this beloved classic Telegraph, 25 December

Is it acceptable to stay in your pyjamas on Christmas Day? Metro 24 December

How will YOU be dressing on 25 December? Daily Mail Online, 23 December

Don't be angry at poor voters who backed the Tories – they need our compassion more than ever The Independent 23 December

War-damaged toys feature in hard-hitting campaign to gift a safer future to the children of Yemen Marketing Communication News, 18 December

Employee on maternity leave 'excluded' from work Xmas party HR Grapevine 17 December

Exploring why we get emotionally attached to certain beauty products Dazed & Confused, 17 December

Aldi is looking for children to test out toys for Christmas – and they’ll be paid in toys, too Metro, 16 December

Mortgage calculator: Buyers' interest soars hours after Conservative Party election win Express, 16 December

Parents are raving about the ‘four present rule’ for children to save on money and time this Christmas Heart, 11 December

Shark vs Dyson – which vacuum cleaner brand is best? Which? 5 December

Hiring a nanny: what I wish I’d known Financial Times, 5 December

'The more pregnant I am, the less I feel like myself' Belfast Telegraph, 4 December

'I want a baby but also want a promotion' HR Grapevine 3 December

10 best Christmas gifts for teachers under £50 Telegraph, 2 December


Train passenger sparks furious debate online over woman who uses her bag to save her friend a seat Daily Mail Online, 29 November

'Pubs aren’t always a straightforward option to use as a polling station' Morning Advertiser 29 November

Lovewell’s logic: Should employers publicly disclose parental leave policies? Employee benefits, 29 November

'There's a new level of anger': the women fighting to end the 'rough sex' defence The Guardian 27 November

The more pregnant I become, the less I feel like myself – I’ve got more to talk about than what’s cooking in my womb The Independent, 27 November

Social media argument erupts over 'shoes on or off inside the house' debate Somerset Live and other local papers, 27 November

Why are we still failing Britain’s women? Scandal of worsening HRT shortage Express, 26 November

The ways we could put Britain in the digital driving seat The Telegraph, 24 November

Four in ten women on hormone replacement therapy can't get their medication amid mass shortages Daily Mail Online, 23 November

Burberry introduces 18 weeks parental leave for staff globally Retail Gazette, 21 November

Only 15 FTSE 250 firms publicise parental leave policies Personnel Today, 19 November

FTSE companies silent on parental leave on their websites Financial Times, 19 November

Britain's big companies failing to publish their parental leave policies — despite advertising perks iNews, 18 November

From Mumsnet to mumfluencers – how mummy blogging got out of control Telegraph, 16 November

Mothers on Mumsnet react to John Lewis Christmas advert Somerset Live and other local papers, 15 November

From SWI to AIBU: How Mumsnet created a whole new language The Guardian, 12 November

English language is enjoying a 'golden age' in women's slang thanks to parenting site Daily Mail Online, 11 November

Is THIS the worst email response from a boss? Executive Grapevine, 11 November

The Guardian view on boosting maternity leave: from small beginnings The Guardian, 8 November

Why I'll mourn the demise of 'grotty' Mothercare Telegraph, 6 November

Christmas tree guide reveals number of decorations you should use Heart, 6 November

Bonfire Night: Are these traditions fizzling out? BBC News, 5 November

Boss says she doesn't reply promptly to emails because she 'needs a lot of time to think' and people can't deal Indy100, 4 November

I’m pregnant and I’ve bled through half of it: The horrors of my first trimester The Independent, 4 November

Mothercare memories and what went wrong BBC, 4 November

What went wrong at Mothercare as retailer slides into administration? Telegraph, 4 November

Mother branded 'snowflake' after suggesting son's lines in Bugsy Malone school play should be changed to omit 'Irish potato head' Telegraph, 3 November

6 Women On The Small Acts Of Kindness That Helped Them Through IVF Huffington Post, 2 November


What Happens if Your Partner Wants Children But You Don’t? Refinery29, 31 October

Mumset abbreviations and acronyms that every parent should know Devon Live, 31 October

A clothing brand's festive sweater is going viral after eagle-eyed shoppers said the pattern looks like 'a line of boobs' Business Insider UK, 29 October

'Rude' Fat Face Christmas jumper fail sends Mumsnet users into frenzy Birmingham Mail, 29 October

Activity key to improving children's mental health Education Business, 29 October

Pippa Middleton says it helps to calm down her baby Arthur – but does head massage really work? Daily Mail Online, 29 October

What a boob! Why this fair isle jumper is turning heads The Guardian, 28 October

Saucy o'clock! Watch giant Swatch is ridiculed on social media over VERY rude strap design Daily Mail Online, 28 October

Amused shoppers mock rude design on £56 Christmas FatFace jumper as they compare the festive bunting to a 'line of boobs' Daily Mail Online, 27 October

Shoppers amused by Fatface pattern that accidentally looks like a ‘line of boobs’ Metro, 27 October

Why The Spare Room (Or Sofa) Can Be A Life-Saver For Sleep-Deprived Parents Huffington Post, 25 October

Parents can now buy 'anti-nightmare mist' to help kids sleep better at night Mirror, 24 October

Mum's furious rant about the 11+ test has completely divided parents My London, 22 October

The naughtiest and best behaved child names – according to teachers Birmingham Mail, 22 October

Parents have a moral duty to give their children the MMR jab Daily Mail Online, 21 October

I Didn’t Change A Nappy In The First 3 Weeks Of My Baby’s Life – No Mother Should Huffington Post, 21 October

UK spy chiefs are searching for dyslexic codecrackers to work at GCHQ base Mirror, 20 October

'Move it LADY': Mothers reveal how their toddlers have hilariously insulted other customers and questioned their shopping choices in public Daily Mail Online, 20 October

GCHQ director says cyber agency is targeting dyslexic people to work as analysts Telegraph, 20 October

Mum spots rather rude pattern on £97 watch – but not everyone can see it Mirror, 19 October

Can you spot the penis and vagina drawings on this watch? Some people only see swirls and dots Metro, 19 October

The best places to buy property near good schools Spectator Life, 17 October

Investigation finds child, four, among thousands caught with weapons at school Daily Mail Online, 16 October

Investigation finds child, four, among thousands caught with weapons at school ITV, 16 October

Everyone's Talking About This Aldi Heated Clothes Airer – But Does It Actually Dry Your Socks? Huffington Post, 15 October

Will Brexit Affect My Holiday? What You Need To Know Huffington Post, 15 October

Corbyn, Bowie and Lucifer are among most popular baby names of 2019 OK! Magazine Online, 14 October

What Brexit means for half-term holiday plans BBC News, 14 October

After Coleen Rooney v Rebekah Vardy, how do we know who our friends are in the social media age? The Guardian, 12 October

Sharon Horgan on mean mums and Motherland The Guardian, 12 October

The MMR 'middle class revolt': A third of children in wealthiest areas of Britain have still not had vaccine shot Daily Mail Online, 10 October

How to microwave your way to gourmet: 5 ‘recipes’ The Tab, 10 October

The Drum Social Purpose Awards 2019 finalists revealed The Drum, 10 October

You’re probably picking the wrong school for your child. Here’s why The Telegraph, 7 October

It's impossible to prepare for Brexit, but here's how you can try Wired, 7 October

Bride is left outraged after looking through her wedding photos and discovering her bridesmaid 'hijacked' professional photographer Daily Mail Online, 5 October

The Facebook Group That Helps Women Become Tabloid Stars Vice UK, 4 October

Government BANS drug wholesalers from exporting 24 medications including HRT pills amid nationwide shortage Daily Mail Online, 3 October

'Little progress' for NHS patient safety over past 20 years, says chief inspector of hospitals Telegraph, 2 October

Best travel cots, 2 October


What I have learned from listening to the stories of divorceesFemale First 30 September

Compulsory vaccinations: No10 rejects Matt Hancock's call for children to be banned from school if not vaccinated iNews 30 September

Best electric breast pumps in the UK for 2019 Mirror Online, 30 September

Is it too soon to argue about Christmas? Some monsters among us are very organised The Guardian 28 September

Farts & intimate piercings – employees reveal worst office antics HR Grapevine 27 September

Why meeting flexible working requests is easier said than done Personnel Today, 26 September

You Are Entitled To An NHS C-Section If You Want One – Here's How To Get It Grazia, 25 September

Mortgage warning: Borrowers urged not to ‘exaggerate’ as study shows mortgage fraud rise The Express, 24 September

Breast or bottle feeding: The debate has its origins in Victorian times Metro, 23 September

Insurers take lead in stating clearer parental rights Daily Business 23 September

A fistful of loyalty cards? Here's how to play the stores at their own game Financial Times 21 September

Little girls have just as much right to be topless as little boys Telegraph, 19 September

Parents encouraged to be honest with children about climate crisis 50+ local newspapers, 15 September

Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome as the university year begins FENews, 12 September

Grubs up: school children in Wales are being served bugs for lunch Marie Claire, 12 September

What to do when you and your partner have different political views GQ Magazine, 11 September

Revealed: which day of the week is best for flexible working?' Telegraph, 11 September

Property: Dotcom millionaire Jules Coleman refused to splash out on fittings and swotted up on interiors herself Metro, 10 September

Is Jamie Oliver a vegetarian as he hosts meat-free meals TV series? Metro, 9 September

Mother faces paying £1,000 to send her three children on a school trip – and says she'll need to cancel a family holiday to afford it Mail Online, 6 September

Employee refused time off to attend own wedding HR Grapevine, 6 September

Princess Charlotte with Prince George before her first day at school Mail Online, This is Money, 5 September

Too racist and too sexist: should you stop reading these classic books to your children? The Telegraph, 5 September

Which baby name tribe do you belong to? From Grandpa Chic to Disney Divas Daily Star, 2 September

13 baby name 'tribes' each mum fall into – from 'super modern' to 'Disney divas' Mirror, 1 September


Mumsnet have identified 13 ‘tribes’ based on popular baby names this year Metro, 31 August

These are the 13 baby name tribes – which one do you belong to? Evening Standard, 31 August

How to stockpile sensibly for Brexit House & Garden 30 August

Revealed: The 13 'baby name tribes' that parents fall into, from the 'flower power' gang to the 'divinely inspired' Mail Online, Mail on Sunday, 30 August

Parents blame lack of playgrounds for children's health problems Nursery World, 30 August

How to stockpile sensibly for Brexit House & Garden, 30 August

Revealed: The 13 'baby name tribes' that parents fall into, from the 'flower power' gang to the 'divinely inspired' Daily Mail Online, 30 August

How old should my kids be before I let them play Fortnite? Game Breaking News, 29 August

Woman 'genuinely considering ending relationship' over loud snoring Bristol Post 29 August

Tea, supper or dinner? Mum's furious rant about 'mealtime snobbery' Bristol Post, 29 August

Woman is branded 'grabby' and 'cheeky' for sending out a birthday wish list with gifts costing up to £100 Daily Mail Online, 29 August

Rachel Cusk and the dangers of honesty New Statesman 28 August

Why we need to talk about #MeToo in the birth room The Independent, 28 August

Marks & Spencer changes name of Porn Star Martini after complaint ITV, 28 August

GCSE results day 2019: Parents can harm students' mental health by bragging about results on Facebook, education experts warn London Evening Standard, 21 August

Mortgage free: Homeowners reveal how they paid off their mortgage decades early Express, 20 August

Is The 'Hapless' Dad Stereotype A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Yahoo! News, 18 August

Mumsnet reveal how they turn parents into workplace leaders HR Grapevine, 16 August

Women reveal the things that annoy them most about their partners Daily Mail Online, 16 August

Woman sparks fierce parenting row after she slams friend for letting kids use iPads over dinner Heart, 15 August

Black mothers are five times more likely to die during childbirth – so what’s being done? Telegraph, 14 August

Mum asks parents to pay for her son’s birthday party Female First, 12 August

Furious mum slams kids club for putting her 10-year-old child in a taxi without an adult Heart, 9 August

The reason middle class parents are so anxious The Spectator, 8 August

Woman ordered to not dry laundry on balcony in 'appalling' note left by 'snob' neighbour Mirror, 5 August

Birth rate lowest since records began The Telegraph, 1 August


Parents list 12 things you can’t do after having kids Hull Live, 30 July

At what age is it OK to leave your child home alone? Yahoo, 26 July

I swore I’d never mention marriage again, but everyone deserves an Instagram wedding The Guardian, 20 July

Teacher presents: Should you give your teacher a present at the end of term?, CBBC Newsround, 19 July

Parents take on second jobs and sacrifice holidays to cover children’s university costs, report suggests The Independent, 18 July

Mum rages as one daughter is asked to be flower girl whilst the other is snubbed Metro, 13 July

Mumsnet users share reasons they’ve ghosted friends The Independent, 11 July

The books you wish your parents had read The Guardian, 10 July

Mortgage free – what now? The Express, 9 July

Ladies, let’s take control of our contraception and stop it ruining our lives Metro, 5 July

Three-quarters of FTSE 100 fail to disclose parental leave policies, deterring job applicants INews, 4 July

Mum’s heartbreak as son ‘forced’ into school sports day loses almost every race Mirror, 3 July

Should we ban the word 'naughty' and the 'naughty step' when disciplining children? Yahoo Style UK, 2 July

The hot weather hacks every parent needs The Daily Mail Online, 1 July


Please, I beg of you, do not serve a gendered menu at your wedding Metro, 28 June

York’s popularity with booze-fuelled hen and stag parties is making it a no-go for families INews, 28 June

Mum shares trick for speedily getting sand off feet Metro, 28 June

Amazing £1 hack for getting sand off your children’s feet this summer, Mirror, 28 June

Parents reveal the hilarious words their kids mispronounce Liverpool Echo, 27 June

Teacher’s tell us the gifts they really want to receive Metro, 24 June

Woman advocates for legal document which lets men ‘opt out’ of parenthood Metro, 23 June

How much is too much to contribute to a teacher's end-of-year present? Yahoo, 21 June

Homeowners reveal simple lifestyle changes which helped to pay off mortgage The Express, 21 June

Two-thirds of Britons want faster action on climate change, poll finds The Guardian, 19 June

Who is Prince William’s favourite child? The Express, 18 June

Parent gets in trouble for teaching their kid the correct name for his genitals Metro, 17 June

Jeremy Corbyn on Joyce’s Ulysses The Guardian, 14 June

How much should you be charging YOUR boomerang child? Daily Mail Online, 12 June

We can’t allow sports day to be scrapped TES, 7 June

It’s ok to want sex after pregnancy loss Metro, 7 June

Why parents are addicted to Calpol The Guardian, 4 June

‘They have you in a cultish grip’: the women losing thousands to online beauty schemes The Guardian, 1 June


How to create a top podcast Vogue, 31 May

Petition for Peppa Pig to feature same-sex couple takes off Huffington Post, 31 May

Taron Egerton approves of hilarious Mumsnet review of his Richard Madden sex scene in Rocketman Evening Standard, 30 May

Mum furious as her mother REFUSES to call young daughter by her real name Mirror, 30 May

Mums share what they give kids for tea when they ‘can’t be bothered’ Hull Live, 29 May

Thrifty parents reveal the household hacks they swear by Daily Mail Online, 29 May

What Mumsnet thinks about milkshaking politicians like Nigel Farage Daily Post, 28 May

Beyond pay: gender differences in the workplace Employee Benefits, 28 May

Mums reveal retro baby names that are due a comeback including Beryl, Maud and Quentin Yahoo, 26 May

A Game of Thrones fan correctly predicted Daenerys’ fate seven years ago Metro, 25 May

'Having a child doesn’t fit into these women's schedule': is this the future of surrogacy? The Guardian, 25 May

How to maintain a healthy sex life when you have young children, Red Online, 22 May

Education secretary Damian Hinds says ‘exam stress is good’ Mirror 21 May

Women reveal how often they have sex in candid Mumsnet thread Daily Star, 21 May

Stay-at-home mum claims husband should pay her a £2700 'salary' each month Yahoo, 21 May

The playground politics of the parents’ chat group Financial Times, 21 May

Should you ban your wedding guests from watching the Champions League final? The Guardian, 20 May

Bride and groom BAN guests from watching Champions League Final on wedding day Liverpool Echo, 19 May

Mum's fury as husband plans to sneak off to watch Champions League at wedding Mirror, 18 May

Woman wants to leave fiancé who pays for her degree for another man a week before the wedding Metro, 16 May

Eat your homemade al desko lunch with pride Evening Standard, 16 May

Mumsnet boss Justine Roberts on why a Dadsnet hasn’t yet worked Yahoo Finance, 16 May

Mumsnet CEO Justine Roberts: Mumsnet survives because people speak the truth on it' Yahoo, 15 May

Majority of parents say exam pressure is affecting children’s mental health, poll finds The Independent, 14 May

Mum asks for help with ‘gender-challenging’ three-year-old Metro, 12 May

Give schoolchildren a break INews, 10 May

Am I being unreasonable? How a Mumsnet forum became a viral monster INews, 9 May

Home truths: Are nurseries damaging our children? The Spectator, 9 May

Woman who almost died in childbirth asks if a friend badgering her for money is being unreasonable Metro, 8 May

Mum sparks debate after asking whether it’s ok for children to use a potty in public Heart, 8 May

Technology making pregnancy smarter Virgin, 6 May

From chats with Jon Bon Jovi while sharing a takeaway with Barack Obama to reciting a Greggs order – people share their most hilarious sleep-talking tales Daily Mail Online, 6 May

Who is worst hit by the decline in cash, BBC News, 1 May

Inside Butlin’s new £40million swimming pool as it opens to the public The Mirror, 1 May


Mum’s method for choosing a baby name is actually really lovely Babyology, 30 April

I feel grief and relief that I’ve never had children. Other women must share this The Guardian, 29 April

‘The other mum’s made me feel completely left out’ Kidspot, 29 April

Top 10 'worst' baby names announced – with some popular choices ruined Daily Mirror, 28 April

Mum branded 'silly' for considering rhyming name for her baby Daily Star, 26 April

Women rave about 87p Asda cream for stopping the dreaded chafing this summer The Sun, 23 April

Experts reveal the clever tricks Kate uses when taking snaps of her kids Daily Mail Online, 22 April

No tea (or sympathy) for labour ward’s grumpy dad The Times, 20 April

Should parents be stopped from getting their children’s ears pierced? Mouths of Mums, 18 April

From one American mom to another: 7 things Meghan Markle should know about UK parenting The National, 18 April

Should you pay your childminder to NOT work a bank holiday? The Sun, 16 April

FACT! The youngest child is the favourite study confirms# The Healthy Mummy, 15 April

Web shake-up could force ALL websites to treat us like children: Users could be made to prove their age for almost every page they visit under controversial new plans Daily Mail Online, 14 April

Thinking about having a baby? Don’t forget to do the maths first Financial Times, 12 April

Why are black mothers at more risk of dying BBC News, 12 April

National siblings Day: how did the annual event begin and where is it celebrated The Independent, 10 April

How Aviva’s support of over-45s is delivering ‘commercial advantage’ Marketing Week 9 April

Not preparing pupils for the 11+ is irresponsible TES, 9 April

Woman considers dumping date because he got into his Uber before hers had arrived Metro, 8 April

Olive oil, tinned tomatoes and 100 rolls of toilet paper: What the Brexit Preppers are stockpiling ahead of Britain's EU exit Daily Mail Online, 8 April

9 women share their best pieces of business advice Cosmopolitan, 8 April

UK internet laws ‘will be toughest in the world’ Telegraph, 8 April

Olive oil, loo roll, and wine top the stockpile wishlist The Times, 8 April

New AIBU? podcast Chortle, 6 April

Why it’s time to compel all employers to publish parental policies Personnel Today, 5 April

Specialist mental health support available for new mums in every part of England NHS England, 4 April

Mumsnet crowns the Boba X best overall baby carrier 2019 Nursery Today, 3 April

Parents could face airport delays if travelling with kids who have different surnames Heart, 2 April

Editor’s Comment: enough talk, action needed to get women investing Money Observer, 2 April

Scrunch or Fold? Loo Roll Debate is Latest to Divide the Nation Huffington Post, 2 April

Parents could face extra delays if children have different surnames LadBible, 1 April

What are the predictions for the royal baby’s name? Metro, 1 April

“My mother-in-law held my baby before me and I can never forgive her for that!” The Asian Parent, 1 April


Surviving Mothering Sunday when the bond with your mother is broken Blog, The Spectator, 31 March

Private, Hollywood or NHS delivery: what birth plan will Meghan go for? The Telegraph, 26 March

Woman asks if it’s okay to want a child-free Mother’s Day Metro, 22 March

Here's How Much You Should Save Before You Have A Baby, According To Parents The Huffington Post, 20 March

Can you have a healthy vegan pregnancy? Telegraph, 19 March

Should Kids Be Invited To Weddings? Families Still Can't Agree On The Guest List Rules Huffington Post, 19 March

Husband tells vegan wife she should eat meat as she’s pregnant, ‘for the baby’s health’ Metro, 19 March

‘I’m a woman who voted to leave in 2016 – and I’d be even more determined to vote to leave now’ iNews, 11 March

Why the hell are we still asking if women can 'have it all'? Glamour Magazine, 8 March

With more help female entrepreneurs can kick start our new economy after Brexit Telegraph, 8 March

Marketers on why parental leave is not a ‘women’s only’ issue Marketing Week 8 March

Women worldwide must be heard and respected The Guardian, 8 March

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts on how she scaled her start-up Telegraph, 8 March

Employers urged to divulge pay and parental leave policies Financial Times, 7 March

The cheese challenge: why people need to stop throwing cheese slices at baby’s faces The Guardian, 5 March

Govia Thameslink commits to increasing diversity on the railways FE News, 4 March

A View from the Top with Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts on how getting sued contributed to the platform’s success The Independent, 4 March

Secondary school admissions: One-in-five children across UK miss out Mail Online, 1 March


Momo Challenge: The viral hoax BBC Newsnight (video), 28 February

When is the right time to go on maternity leave? The Telegraph, 27 February

MPs call for “revolution” in early years health BMJ, 26 February

Mumsnet chief: why employers should make parental leave clearer Financial Times, 26 February

Is It Ever Acceptable To Wear White To A Wedding? Grazia, 15 February

The common everyday phrase that signifies laziness in a relationship The Stylist, 12 February

Outrage over 'porn film' pubic hair in GCSE textbook TES, 11 February

Mumsnet hit by data breach after glitch in software update London Evening Standard, 9 February

Parenting site Mumsnet hit by data breach BBC, 8 February

People are puzzled by Boohoo’s ‘front thong’ bodysuit Metro, 5 February

Woman asked her guest to pay £180 each to ‘secure their place at her wedding’ Metro, 5 February

'When Will I Start To Enjoy Being A Mum?': Parents Offer Advice On What To Do If You're Struggling The Blog, Huffington Post, 4 February

Fake Valium is killing those who buy pills online, charity warns The Guardian, 3 February

Sister-in-law wars? How to call a truce Mail Online, 3 February

'We took inspiration from Mumsnet': the footballers’ wives' support network The Guardian, 2 February

Why, When We Have Children, Does Our Attitude To Alcohol Become So Tribal? Grazia, 1 February

Should I Be Stockpiling Food For Brexit? These Are The Things To Have On Your List The Blog Huffington Post, 1 February


A cashmere jumper is being sold on Ebay – but it looks like a bondage ad Metro, 31 January

Meet the Brexit preppers who are stockpiling food in case of no-deal Brexit iNews, 30 January

Star of the Week … do some primary school rewards do more harm than good? The Guardian, 29 January

Pregnant women to receive better workplace protection under new anti-discrimination plans The Independent 25 January

Good News If You’re Pregnant Or A New Mum And Worried About Returning To Work Huffington Post, 25 January

What price flexibility and a better work-life balance? Financial Times, 25 January

Pregnant women to get more job protection BBC News, 24 January

UK to introduce greater workplace protection for pregnant women Financial Times, 24 January

Mothers returning to work will be protected from redundancy for six months The Telegraph, 24 January

Don’t brag about not doing fatherly duties. I’d love to have the chance London Evening Standard, 23 January

Anna Soubry: people have had enough of 62 year old Tory women Blog, The Spectator, 22 January

The best pillows to buy for everything from neck pain and pregnancy to side-sleepers Metro, 17 January

Telling it like it is: Uncensored business podcast Secret Leaders is back with bigger, bolder interviews Business Matters, 16 January

'Workload problem? It's time to cut corners and coast' TES, 15 January

Duncan Jones is right that childcare is hard – mothers have said so for decades New Statesman, 15 January

‘Hamster hoarders’ are stocking up on essentials in case of no deal Brexit iNews, 14 January

Man rants about his pregnant wife becoming 'lazy', Internet responds accordingly Marie Claire, 14 January

Terrified Brits build Brexit stockpiles of water, food and even clothes London Evening Standard, 14 January

Online 'hamster lists' reflect taste for EU-divorce hoarding Financial Times (Online & Print) 12 January

'Fiver Parties' Are Now A Thing – So Would You Send Your Child To One? The Blog Huffington Post. 11 January

Almost one in three council-run secondary schools in deficit, study finds The Independent, 11 January

People are sharing the strangest things they've ever witnessed in someone else's house The Independent, 4 January

Woman shares heartbreaking tale of wedding guests who ate the cheese cake before the bride could slice it Metro, 4 January

Mumsnet users share bizarre celebrity encounters Mail Online, 4 January

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