Lunchbox Generator

Mumsnetters were asked to share lunchbox tips that would stop kids from getting bored with their packed lunches, hundreds of you replied. We poured our favourites into a handy lunchbox generator. Click below to see what it comes up with for you.

  • Egg tortilla

    Egg tortilla

    Boil, deshell and mash two eggs. Mix together with a bit of mayonnaise and some salt and pepper. Add the egg mixture to the tortilla with the cucumber. Roll up however you like and wrap in tin-foil to pack.

    Ingredients: Tortilla wraps, egg, mayonnaise, cucumber (cut into strips), salt and pepper

  • Cheese and bacon muffins

    Cheese and bacon muffins

    Put all dry ingredients together, mix all wet ingredients and then combine. Spoon mixture into muffin cases or trays and cook for 15 mins at gas mark 6 – makes about 10 muffins. Tip: batch cook and freeze them for later.

    Ingredients: 250g self raising flour, 150g mature Cheddar, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon ground black pepper, ½ teaspoon ground turmeric (optional), 1 teaspoon mustard powder (optional), 3 rashers bacon (optional), 100ml natural yoghurt, 100ml milk, 2 eggs

  • Deconstructed sandwiches

    Deconstructed sandwiches

    Let the kids have some fun at lunch by making their own sandwich creations. All you need to do is dice your ingredients, put in separate tubs and send with bread and butter on the side – hey presto!

    Ingredients: Bread, butter, fillings such as cheese, cucumber and tomato

  • Asparagus and potato frittata

    Asparagus and potato frittata

    Whisk the eggs, season and add herbs. Fry onion, peppers and garlic until soft. Add the potatoes and half the asparagus then fry for 2 mins. Pour the eggs evenly over the mixture and scatter the remaining asparagus. Cook until the base has started to set (approx 12 mins) then grill on high until the top is golden and set (approx 4 mins). Once cool, cut into squares.

    Ingredients: 250g new potatoes (cubed and boiled), 250g blanched asparagus tips, 100g Petit Pois, 5 large eggs, 1 tbsp rapeseed oil, 1 tbsp dried mixed herbs, ½ large onion, ½ red pepper, 1 garlic clove (all finely chopped), salt and pepper

  • Cold pasta

    Cold pasta

    Make a little bit of extra pasta with your dinner and pop in a tub to the side for later. Add some sweetcorn, cooked chicken and bacon or tuna, then mix together with a bit of mayonnaise.

    Ingredients: Cooked pasta, sweetcorn, mayonnaise, cooked chicken or tuna