whilst Bootham School is over 180 years old, it never reflects on its glorious past, never rests on its legacy, nor talks comfortably about its accolades. Like every new day, the School seems to constantly regenerate and renew, feeding-off the energy and spirit of those who live and work here. It is a very proud School, with its distinctive and pastoral Quaker ethos seeped into ever fibre and brick. We value a liberal individuality, a radical spirit of enquiry and a belief that there is ‘that of God – in everyone’. To speak such words is one thing, but to see these values emanating from the people here really does make one feel, Bootham has got something special ‘going on’. We so much prefer people see and discover what makes Bootham different and ‘get it’ for themselves, than have to present a case. Why? Because a strength is stronger when found rather than shown.

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