The concept of our Art Atelier is based on Reggio Emilia's Philosophy of education. It's not just a boring art studio with Crayola crayons, coloring books and markers — it's a beautiful learning space where children of all ages can experiment and create with many different types of media. Our Atelier is equipped with clay, wire, paint, pens, paper, beads, shells and a variety of recycled, natural materials to be used by the children in different projects for the purpose of expressing the “hundred languages” of children. For example, we don't just have dull yellow crayons or yellow paint – instead we have dozens of different varieties of yellow, which differ in saturation, intensity, tone, brightness, etc. We have real pastels, pencils and charcoal, watercolors and gouache paint, as well as high quality brushes and art supplies which real artists use! Come and experience it for yourself!

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