I don't like telling people my problems, secrets or, even, what I really feel. Maybe that's because I'm a Gemini... maybe not (I'm in two minds, lol). And that is why, 20 years ago, I began to use tarot cards. The cards are like my confidante, a source of advice, a lens to inspect the things that bother me, without having to bother anyone else. Sometimes, too, they tell me things I don't see coming... I believe the cards can help us unburden and examine our secrets, doubts, fears and areas we feel 'stuck' on. They provide a tool to confront and reflect on the parts of us we don't share, but that affect us deeply. They force us to reassess things from a new angle. They drag us outside our own mind and, with new perspective, comes new direction and insight. I offer a range of readings- exploring different themes from love to business to hard times to animal guides! Prices range from £5 - £35. Visit the website, select a reading, and let me know your DOB and any specific questions or areas you'd like me to explore (the tighter the 'brief', the more specific the response). I will read your cards and create a beautiful illustrated reading which I will email to you within 48 hours.


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