Day with Labs is a whole day event during which everybody takes part in an interactive Science Experiments Performance. Children can observe many phenomena taking place in real life. In an easy way we explain them and show how volcanoes explode, artificial blood is created, steam clouds are made and much more. We start each performance with discussion about health and safety rules which we have to follow in a laboratory. We pick up a theme which we will follow during all the show. We perform each experiment explaining children what component do we use for it, what can we use them for, where can we find them in the real life. We teach children about basic physical phenomena in real life like dissolution, heat flow, crystallization, phase changes, gravity and magnetism. We teach them about chemical reactions like precipitation, complexation, combustion, acid-base and redox reactions and much more. We do it in intelligible for children way, avoiding using complex names and formulas. We focus on practical aspect of our shows – children will remember substances, colors and what happens in particular experiments because we link them to what they know and are familiar with.


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