Open 7am-7pm (51 weeks of the year). Flexible, quality, home-style childcare. The Orchard Day Nursery is a brand new full day care nursery, opening in central Wimbledon this September 9th. The Orchard Day Nursery is committed to providing the highest quality, family focused childcare for all of its families. The Orchard Day Nursery is different: ‚Äč - Set your own child's hours - One simple hourly rate - Open plan, integrated setting - Market leading staff - A home from home We passionately believe that The Orchard Day Nursery represents the leading edge of great nurseries. By keeping our setting integrated, we allow children to enjoy a full range of toys and activities, rather than limiting their access to parts of the nursery based on their age. This integrated approach also means that children's socialisation is advanced, with younger and older children learning from their peers, just like siblings.