The Guernsey Connection The story of the origins of St. Ambrose College is inextricably linked with the German invasion and occupation of Guernsey in June 1940, which caused the evacuation to England of a party of schoolboys and their De La Salle teachers from Les Vauxbelets College. During the so-called ‘phoney war’ of 1939-40, which preceded the German Blitzkrieg in Western Europe. The beautiful little island of Guernsey (where Victor Hugo had written ‘Les Miserables’ incidentally) had doubled its income tax to contribute £180,000 towards the cost of the defence of the island. but otherwise offered itself as the ideal spot for ‘war time holidays’. The ‘safest place on earth’, far removed from the theatre of war in the English Channel and sheltered by France. However, Hitler’s attack on the Low Countries and France in May 1940 caused great concern.

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