Truly a breakthrough in spelling(and reading). Aptly named Dencoding,a first in helping all learners of English overcome the problems our language presents. An accelerated spelling and decoding(reading) concept which will not be found in schools, purely because schools are governed by policy on synthetic phonics - which is only based on sounds. If you want your child to write words such as 'make' as opposed to 'mayck',was,' instead of 'woz,''fast,' instead of 'farst' and so on you have come to the right place. Every child has the right to be able to develop reading and writing skills as quickly as possible in order to access all the other subjects in his/her curriculum. They have a right to instant help whenever they get stuck throughout their school day. They have a right to be able to communicate accurately and confidently at a young age so that they do not become one of those that fall through the net, consequently becoming frustrated and feeling inadequate because they can't keep up with their peers. Spelling really does matter and Dencoding ensures that pupils do not miss out on achieving their linguistic potential.

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