Advertise on Mumsnet Local

Advertise your business on the relevant Mumsnet Local site, or promote your services across multiple local sites.

Interested? Here’s a list of advertising opportunities available:

Sponsored content

Our Local Editors are passionate about sharing knowledge about the local area. Choose to sponsor a ‘Best things to do in [site name]’ shareable content feature. Your logo will appear at the top of the page, and users will be able to click through to your business or services website.

Cost: £100 per shareable per month including social media promotion (3 tweets and 1 Facebook post) by your Local Editor.

Please note, this option is only available if there’s an active Local Editor in place.

Email editor

Drop-in ads

Choose to display a drop-in advert as a sidebar ad slot. The ad will appear on one of 16 ad slots across your chosen local site, and will rotate across different sections of the site - so at one time it may appear on our What’s On section, and another time on our Talk section.

We use pre-prepared artwork provided by you that measures 300x130 pixels and a direct link to your website. Images must be jpeg, gif or png format and not bigger than 50k in file size. Animated gifs are also accepted.

Cost: £50 per month per site for a minimum of one month, including VAT.

VAT for charities will be automatically deducted - the charity number needs to be entered at check out to verify the deduction.

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Email and social media marketing

Placing an advertorial in a local newsletter is a great way to promote your services, competition or offer to Mumsnet Local users. This advertorial is 50 words of text, plus an image and a link to your website.

Included in the offer is promotion on social media channels (3 Tweets and 1 Facebook post)

Cost: £100 per placement.

Please note: Newsletter and social promotion must be arranged with the Local Editor for each Mumsnet local site. This option is only available if there’s an active Local Editor in place.

Email editor

Featured events

Upgrade your event to a featured event. This featured event will appear fixed to the top of the events page for the chosen category on a local site and will be highlighted as featured.

There is one featured event slot for each of our What’s On categories: Pregnancy & Postnatal, Pre-school, School Age and Whole Family.

Cost: £25 per month

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Contact your Local Editor to get started, or email our Local team at MNHQ