What type of sleeper are you?

Sleep might feel like a pre-parenthood memory but you still need a bit of shut-eye. So what type of sleeper are you? Take our test to find out

1) In an ideal world (without the child-shaped alarm clock), how much sleep would you get?

a) Four or five hours is enough. Another couple of hours aren’t going to help with my plans for world domination.
b) Twelve hours minimum. In fact, with each sleep-deprived day of parenting, hibernating for days on end sounds appealing.
c) I usually get about seven hours which does me just fine. It might be nicer to get an hour or so more, but I tend to wake frequently in the night.
d) If we’re talking time spent asleep in bed, my optimum is a solid eight hours. In an ideal world, I’d spend another two or three hours relaxing, reading and watching TV in bed.

2) There’s no end to the weird and wonderful gadgets out there – which of these sleep-centric contraptions would you most like?

a) A wake up light therapy alarm clock, to rouse you from your slumber in a slow and civilised manner.
b) A runaway alarm clock on wheels, to force you out of bed before you're able to hit snooze (again).
c) A sleep tracker, so you can see when you're awake and when you're sleeping most deeply throughout the night.
d) An electric blanket, so that your bed is always lovely and toasty by the time you climb in.

3) The kids are finally fed, watered and tucked up in bed. How does your evening follow?

a) Ideally, you’d like to squeeze in an hour of yoga, but normally your evening is taken up with clearing the mess from dinner and getting lunches prepped for the next morning.
b) You’re tucked up in bed with them. 'Sleep when the baby sleeps' still applies when they're nine, right?
c) You're parked on the sofa, tube of pringles in one hand, G&T in the other, latest BBC crime drama on the TV.
d) You always try to get a reasonably early night, so you’ll climb in to bed with a good book and read until you nod off.

4) Talk to us about pillows – what’s your preference?

a) A single, good-quality pillow – you’re running about all day, and you deserve a sufficiently supported neck at the end of each day.
b) It’s all about two pillows, not too soft, not too hard – this is your hill and you’re willing to die on it.
c) You're not fussed about the type – provided there's lots of them. It’s not unheard of for you to fashion a pillow fortress to rival the Tower of London around you whilst you sleep.
d) Always goose down pillows – you’re all about investing in the very best for when you're sleeping.

5) What are you most likely to dream about?

a) Real life events – you tend to either replay the day’s events, or think about upcoming plans.
b) Dreams? What dreams? You rarely remember them – in fact, sometimes you’re so soundly asleep you’re not sure you even had any.
c) You have a recurring dream about becoming the Queen of England, complete with castle, crown and host of loyal subjects.
d) Luxurious cruise holidays, trips to Mars, a week of peace away from the kids… you know, all the wild, fantastical, never-gonna-happen stuff.

6) Everyone knows that Sundays are for lie ins, but what's your policy on your children joining you in bed?

a) Pfft, lie-ins, shmie-ins. You’re up, with a full loads of laundry done and a joint of beef roasting in the oven before the kids have even opened their eyes.
b) The more the merrier! It's nice to have a couple of hours relaxing together each weekend.
c) It is not something you enjoy. At all. Instead, you like to sit together and enjoy a big family breakfast. Eggs, anyone?
d) You let them squeeze in, provided they bring you a cup of tea in bed first… you’re still holding out hope that one day they’ll actually do it.

7) You've finally got round to decorating your bedroom – what is the look you're going for?

a) Practicality is key for you. As long as you have plenty of storage space, and there’s nothing your darling children will ruin with their grubby paws, you’re happy.
b) Blues are best for the bedroom as they create a peaceful and tranquil environment (or so you’ve heard) so it's turquoise walls, cornflower sheets, and baby blue cushions. Very er… serene.
c) You're not entirely sure yet, but you know you'll have the final say. Decorating is your domain and whatever you say, goes.
d) You want your bedroom to feel warm and luxurious – it is where you spend a third of your lifetime after all – with lots of patterns and textures.


Mostly As: The insomniac

Sure, sleep is great, but you can survive without it. You love to be on the go – carpe diem and all that – and found whilst others complained of the perma-exhaustion parenthood created, you slipped right in the the routine of (very) early mornings.

Mostly Bs: The sleep-like-a-logger

You zonk out as soon as your head hits the pillow (and in front of the television, at the cinema, on the train…) Your days of true sleep indulgence may be long gone (thanks, kids), but you still appreciate every last moment of shut eye you can get.

Mostly Cs: The duvet hogger

You’re an out and proud duvet hog. Whilst you’re probably not doing it on purpose, everyone you’ve ever shared a bed with has complained about being left shivering. But don’t worry – no judgement here. Just maybe invest in a second duvet.

Mostly Ds: The lady of leisure

Sleep for you is one of life’s little luxuries: your bed is covered with pillows, throws and blankets, and you wouldn’t think twice about spending more on pyjamas than you would a new car – anything to make sure you’re comfy.