Easy tips for keeping your family healthy

Finding the time to balance healthy living with a hectic family life isn't always easy. That's why Lidl asked parents to share the simple tips and habits they use to keep their families healthy and happy

Get the kids involved

boy food shopping

Allowing your children to help out with shopping and preparing healthy food is a great way to encourage them to understand what's on their plate.

Don't forget about breakfast

eating breakfast

It is the most important meal of the day after all. Packing in plenty of fruit and veg at breakfast time, with healthy options like smoothies and fruit and yoghurt, means getting a headstart on your five-a-day. Result.

Meal plan

meal planning

Planning meals ahead of time means you'll spend less on your weekly shop, and are much less likely to turn to unhealthy options when dinner time rolls around.

Get active together

family doing yoga

While toddlers don't typically help you find your inner zen, a family yoga session is great way to get your kids moving. Lidl's infamous middle aisle offers plenty of exercise equipment, so look out for their yoga mats.

Prepare healthy snacks in advance

rabbit eating snack

There are plenty of nutritious snacking options out there, from fruit and nuts to veggies and hummus. Measure out portions in advance – then, when the biscuit tin calls, you've got a healthy option on hand instead.

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