How we made the Mumsnet mattresses

Any parent can tell you how precious – and elusive – a good night’s sleep is, and, while we can’t make your kids sleep past 6am (sorry), we can help you find the right mattress for the job. We teamed up with Dreams in order to create the mattress of Mumsnetters’, well, dreams

The survey

We asked over 2,000 Mumsnetters about their (lack of) sleep habits and what qualities they looked for in a mattress – here’s what we found:

  • From those surveyed, a whopping 99% agreed that a good night’s sleep is vital to health and wellbeing, and 97% agreed that they would like to improve the quality of sleep they get
  • 74% of Mumsnet users surveyed agreed that sleep deprivation is the worst thing about being a parent. Yes, that means worse than public tantrums, watching Peppa Pig on loop, and cleaning up glitter
  • The most important features to Mumsnet users when buying a new mattress are supportiveness, followed by price, and then that the mattress has springs rather than memory foam
  • 11% of those surveyed hadn't replaced their mattress in over 10 years. The Sleep Council recommends you replace your mattress after eight years at the most, but if you’re not sleeping well you might want to think about replacing it sooner

The focus group

We sent a group of 10 Mumsnetters and influencers to the Dreams factory in Birmingham to put our findings into practice.

Our focus group explored a variety of materials, different types of springs, and designs in order to create a mattress that met their needs (and hopefully yours too). They went behind the scenes at the Dreams factory and met the specialists who would be assembling the Mumsnet mattresses.They considered their personal experiences with sleep (or lack of it), as well as the feedback from our survey, and created two mattresses that should have parents up and down the country sleeping a little easier.

You can read MNers reviews of the mattresses here

The mattresses

Spirit, from £699

Spirit, from £699

This medium-support mattress is perfect for those who like a mattress that is supportive but not too firm. The 2000 pocket springs are topped with a luxurious layer of latex for extra comfort. Made with naturally breathable and temperature-regulating materials, the Spirit mattress has also been treated with Fresche® – an environmentally-friendly anti-allergy treatment – to ensure nothing disturbs your well-deserved kip.

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The top layer of the mattress coupled with the latex provides great back support and has helped regulate my temperature – bye, bye night sweats!

We have really noticed the difference in our quality of sleep since using the mattress

Kindred, from £899

Kindred, from £899

A firmer option, with 3000 pocket springs, the Kindred mattress is also a little deeper than the Spirit at 25cm. Designed for breathability and moisture control, the Kindred is made from cotton and wool, with alpaca fleece and bamboo layers. Alpaca fleece is a naturally antibacterial material (you learn something new every day), and the mattress has also been given an anti-allergy treatment. A firm mattress is ideal if you like to sleep on your front or suffer back pain as it keeps your back stable.

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It has given me the best nights sleep I have literally ever had

My back feels better and I feel well supported all over

Dreams also offer a 40 day return guarantee on all their mattresses so, if you don't love it, it's no problem.

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