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We gave four Mumsnetters ten weeks to try to sell their homes via online estate agent Yopa. You can see the full thread here, or read on for a summary of their experiences…

What is Yopa?

Yopa is a thoroughly modern way of selling your home. It's an online estate agency that provides you with your own dedicated local agent, a professional advert that will appear on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation, as well as your own online control centre that lets you track your sale and receive viewing requests and offers directly, 24/7.

But it’s their low fixed fee that really makes them stand out from the crowd: it will only cost you £839 to sell your home with Yopa (£1,399 in some London postcodes). Unlike many of their competitors, Yopa also offer a no sale no fee option, meaning you don't have to put any of your hard-earned cash on the line up front.

How does it work?

1. Book your free home valuation

A Yopa agent will visit you and give you a free valuation of your home. They pride themselves on having heaps of local knowledge and access to local sales data. They'll also answer any questions you have about how Yopa works.

2. Choose how you want to pay

You can either pay a fixed fee up front, pay in ten months with a Pay Later plan, or choose a No Sale, No Fee plan and pay once your house is sold. You can learn more about Yopa's payment plans here.

3. Give Yopa the “green light” to sell your home

This one's fairly self-explanatory – Yopa start doing their darnedest to sell your home.

4. Your house appears on property listing websites

A professional advert for your home, complete with photos, floorplan and a detailed description, will appear on Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation, where it will be seen by millions of potential buyers.

5. Find a buyer

The YopaHub is your personal online control centre where you can manage viewing requests, buyer feedback and offers. Your Yopa agent will be on hand throughout the process to help you with any queries.

6. Sell your home

Once you've found the right buyer, your Yopa agent and Yopa's dedicated sales support team will help you negotiate the best price for your home. They will support you until completion.

Book your free home valuation here
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The Mumsnet verdict?

Did you find your valuation with your local Yopa agent useful?

Our Mumsnet testers only had good things to say about their valuation experience with Yopa. The agents were friendly and thorough with good local knowledge.

“Yes, it took a long time but it was thorough and the agent took me through a lot of local properties and their market history which I found interesting and useful.”

“Really useful, realistic price of the property quoted and the agent understood the selling points of the property as well as the target market for potential buyers.”

How easy did you find using Yopahub (your online dashboard)?

The Yopahub got very positive feedback from our Mumsnet testers. They all said it was easy to use and a useful tool throughout the process. They particularly liked they way it made them feel more involved with the selling process than traditional estate agencies.

“It was really useful when we were having viewings, to know the status of each potential vendor, as well as receive feedback on our house. It automatically generated a memorandum of sale once we’d accepted an offer, which made the sale process feel complete.”

“The dashboard/hub is very easy to use and informative. All estate agents should have this!”

What did you like most about the process?

The YopaHub was the most popular part of the process with the majority of our discerning Mumsnet testers because it's convenient and unique in the field. However, they did feed back that it would be even better were it also available as a mobile app because they were checking their dashboard so frequently. We've passed this suggestion on to Yopa, so watch this space. The speed of the journey from valuation to sale was also, naturally, something which made our testers happy.

“I liked the hub. It is a brilliant piece of technology and definitely a USP.”

“The fact that we sold quickly and were able to get an advert onto Rightmove very soon after our initial appointment with the Yopa agent.”

Would you recommend selling with Yopa over a high street agent?

All of the Mumsnetters who tried Yopa would recommend it over a high street agent, particularly as a first port of call, because, with their no sale no fee payment option, you have little to lose by giving it a whirl – book your free valuation here.

“I think it is definitely worth a try, I like the model and I think it works well but feel that at present it is very location-dependent.”

“Having sold through a high street agent previously, I’d definitely recommend trying to sell with Yopa initially as moving home is such a costly time and I’m not sure a high street agent offers much better value for money. I’ve also seen advertised recently a no sale no fee option for Yopa which seems like a great option.”

Would you use it again if you were selling again?

All of our testers said they probably would use Yopa if selling their homes in future. Again, the no sale no fee option was a factor. One tester felt that the brand has some growing to do in order to support rural customers more effectively, but overall the consensus was positive.

“If the brand continues to grow so there’s more support outside cities, yes. Our agent was based about 30-40 mins away so we felt a bit bad dragging him over for viewings. We’d probably use Yopa rather than Purplebricks or another hybrid, as we’ve had a good experience with them now.”

“I would be inclined to go for a no sale no fee option if I were to use them in the future. That would mean that, if a sale was not secured through them, then nothing would be lost moving to another agent.”

What are your overall thoughts on the process?

The Mumsnetters who tested it felt that Yopa effectively challenged a long-established, expensive high street service and, as a result, benefited the consumer. Their praise wasn't unqualified (naturally) but, overall, they felt that online services like Yopa are the future of estate agency.

“Fundamentally, it’s a much cheaper option than a high street estate agent, and if the process works and you manage to sell (which we did) that’s great – it costs far less than half the price of high street option, but still provides the things you need.”

“I like it. The way people do things is changing and I think that this way of selling will become more popular than a High street agent. People are also becoming quite thrifty, so Yopa being cheaper than a normal agent will be very appealing.”

“On the whole positive, the Hub has been extremely insightful and the process of getting our property on the market has been efficient and straightforward. I’m not sure I’d have been so pleased if I’d opted to pay extra for the agent to perform the viewings, as we’ve carried out some ourselves when there was no agent available. Also, contact with the sales support team after such promising initial contact has since been disappointing.”

Did your property manage to sell?

Currently, only one of the four Mumsnetters has managed to sell their home. Another tester came very close to selling, but the chain collapsed after they accepted an offer. The other two testers had yet to receive an offer at the end of the trial.

“Yes, as noted previously, we sold almost straight away, so we were very fortunate. We are hoping to exchange next week. Thanks Yopa!”

“Sadly, after accepting an offer on our property very early on the chain has since collapsed, and we are back to square one. This is no fault of Yopa though, just one of the frustrations of selling.”

Use Yopa to sell your home

If you're planning to sell your home, and you like the sound of low fixed fees and an online dashboard to keep you in the loop 24/7, why not give Yopa a try?

Book your free home vaulation here