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Summer holiday survival kit

It's the summer holidays! Shame the sunshine didn't get the memo. Make sure you're prepped, whether it's tropical or torrential, with this survival kit from John Lewis.

Buys to help you survive a rainy day

Ah, the Great British 'summer'. Need we say more? These products will help get you through any rainy days with minimum frustration and make soggy afternoons super.

Cheerful wellies


Hard-wearing enough to survive jumping in the muddiest puddles; colourful enough to lift everyone's spirits – these wellies are perfect for unpredictable August days.

Jump in all the mud, and get as dirty as possible, but hose everyone down before entering the house if necessary.

For Children

For adults

Lightweight raincoats


There's no outdoor adventure that can't be improved with the addition of a cheery, waterproof coat. You'll be praying for a good shower.

I've been know to deck them out from head-to-toe in waterproofs and go for a walk along the sea front or the park.

For children

For adults

Boredom-busting indoor games

Board games

Keep stir-crazy kids calm(ish) with an afternoon of good old-fashioned tabletop games. All small enough for the wettest of camping holidays, too.

Try Snap for littlies, UNO for middlies – and everything from Rummy to Beat Your Neighbour for older ones.

Flasks to warm your cockles


Whether you're braving the elements or bedded down in a tent, a flask of something warm will have you feeling smug snug and cosy. (Adding a dram of something alcoholic will only improve its effects. Well, it is the holidays.)

I love being all cosy, drinking hot chocolate and listening to the sound of the rain on the roof.

Buys to make the most of a sunny day

Sometimes, just sometimes, the sun DOES come out and we're blessed with a handful of dreamy summer days. Here's how to carpe that diem when it does happen.

Stylish sunglasses

A pair of sleek sunnies lets you take on the beach/woods/lake/zoo with Jackie Onassis style and absolutely no squinting required. Plus they give everyone an air of instant mystery. Even toddlers.

Good quality lenses are very much worth it – I have polarised ones and they are EONS apart from cheapy ones!

For children

For adults

Summery sandals (not just for the beach)

Being comfy on a hot day is non-negotiable. Sandals are just the ticket, and perfect for kicking on and off as you skip between garden and house.

There's nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes on a hot day.

For children

For adults

Don't forget to have a look at Mumsnetters' picks of the best stylish yet comfortable sandals

Outdoor toys and games

Entertain (and wear out) your kids in the garden, at the park or the beach, with these outdoor toys and games.

Install the biggest paddling pool you can reasonably fit in your garden.

Family picnics

Soft and sprawl-able rugs are a must for your alfresco meal. And they provide plenty of space to lay out a selection of these perfect picnic recipes

Have picnic stuff at the ready at all times, so, if the sun comes out, you can go and have a picnic somewhere pretty and fly a kite.